Reviews For By Faith Alone

2014.07.06 - 11:58PM
1: Chapter 1

Donna followed his gaze. "Yes, let's just give up and stare at my breasts. Why didn't I think of that?"

I have read this fic at least half a dozen times, and this will never not be funny. So very Donna.

2013.09.27 - 09:25PM
1: Chapter 1

I think carlvs hit the nail on the head with their comment-this was way more realistic than any of the other 'shag or die' fics I've read, but that was what made it so good. You've definitely captured Donna and the Doctor's relationship perfectly. Well done!

2009.11.22 - 11:57PM
1: Chapter 1

Very good, but also somewhat surprising. Even though the story has its comic moments, this is a far more realistic look at the "have sex or die" cliche than I thought I would find on a fan-fic site.

While the "have sex or die" scenario has been done many times in fan fiction, few actually deal with the true reality of the situation. Being forced to essentially rape someone would likely be a more traumatic experience for both parties no matter how close they are, as you show in the last part of your story.

Or to put it another way, while I don't have a problem imagining a more "intimate" version of the Doctor - Donna relationship, their first time shouldn't be at knife point in front of an audience!

2009.11.21 - 07:10AM
1: Chapter 1

He was pleased that Donna's magnificent bitchiness remained intact.

Haha! Lovely line. I really liked how there were several foiled escape attempts before the reluctant acceptance of their unfortunate situation. The whole way through you maintained their voices just beautifully, and the final scene was really touching.

Love it! Added to faves - thanks for posting!! :o)