Reviews For Remembrance

2010.04.15 - 09:49AM
1: Remembrance

Let's see the boys crash that wedding - that would be brilliiant! I bet the Doctor would have to make a speech even if he doesn't know the happy couple. And you know Jack will charm the bridesmaids. Mickey won't be happy!

Author's Response: There you go again! You keep feeding the plot bunnies. You need to stop. At least until I finish the story I\'m working on, then you can feed them.

2010.01.24 - 03:10PM
1: Remembrance

It's nice tha the Doctor finally admitted Jack is an equal and nice to see the tenderness between them.
Hope we'll see more of this series!

Author's Response: I do have several more ideas in my head, but the muses seem to be on vacation of late. Thanks for commenting. It is so very important to us writers.