Reviews For My old man

2010.05.09 - 03:26AM
1: Chapter 1

This is so sweet, I love it. I never really thought much about Rose's relationship with the alternate universe Pete. It makes me wonder if he spent all those years wishing he had a daughter...

Author's Response: I think he\'d given up hope, poor fella. Glad you like this - it\'s one of the stories I\'m the most proud of. x

2010.04.03 - 12:46PM
1: Chapter 1

Brilliant! I lost my Dad in 2005 to a heart attack in his sleep. Best way to go, in your sleep. I miss him terrably.

BTW, you didn't tell me you were at Teasoon under a different name. Now I need to go back and read your old stories.

Author's Response: You\'re racing through \'em! That\'s why I did a Master fic list on LJ, because I couldn\'t be bothered to post \'em all over there, and some of the older ones I\'m not so proud of anyway. This one I really am, though - one of my favourites. Sorry to hear about your Dad - I\'m glad this didn\'t freak you out too much, and that you liked the story. x

2009.11.15 - 09:02AM
1: Chapter 1

Quite lovely. As I said before, I don't think we get enough appreciation for Pete- he's quite a man and deserves more stories like this.

Author's Response: Cheers mate. Pete is great - I\'m glad he\'s got a nice Jacqui now. It\'s 7.30pm on Sunday evening, The Waters of Mars is ON and I\'m not watching it! Bloody traffic jams. 27 minutes until I can see it, and counting. Your kind words have kept me sane. x

2009.11.14 - 06:09AM
1: Chapter 1

That really is fantastic... I agree, Pete should've had a lot more air-time... it's funny, I always think he is in more episodes than he actually is... power of his character! That was really beautifully done. Loved it!

Author's Response: Why thank you, Mrs Smith! I really like this too - I hope it\'s true. Everyone here likes Pete, I\'ve noticed!

2009.11.13 - 08:24PM
1: Chapter 1

Excellent little piece!

Author's Response: Why, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it x

2009.11.13 - 06:42PM
1: Chapter 1

I loved what you did here... we were al supposed to think...and then you...OH... sshhh spanners... really enjoyed this... makes you think, doesn't it? Was she really wanting to leave them at all?

Author's Response: Yowsers, a review from Mrs Tennant - I\'m flattered! I still think she wanted to go with the Doctor more though. I would! Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reviewing x

2009.11.13 - 03:33PM
1: Chapter 1

Now that is lovely. A tiny insight into the relatonship of Rose and Pete Tyler. Pete in my opinion never got enough screen time but it's obvious his heart is big. Thanks for writing. FAVS.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I\'m quite proud of it! I really like Pete too. Glad you liked xx