Reviews For Masque

2007.10.12 - 12:36AM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

great story very fitting

2005.10.08 - 12:59AM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

Cute! Definately my favourite regeneration fic! Happy ending! That could SO be canon, I hope so!

Author's Response: I hope so too! Christmas is a-coming, according to my wicked BBC screensaver :-D.

agent compassion
2005.07.23 - 01:59AM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

Awwwww :cries: One of the best regen stories yet. "It wasn't his fault." OMG...fantastic.

2005.07.22 - 01:27PM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

That was really sweet. I loved how you showed all of Rose's feelings in it. And, as people keep saying, it could very well be canon. Nicely done.

Author's Response: Thank you :-).

2005.07.21 - 01:12PM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

This regen fic is so sweet! It fits within the canon and still allows them to be happy at the end. I adore it!

Author's Response: I just don't think Rose would give up on him. Plus, she's the siphor for the audience, so... :-).

Author's Response: Sorry. That should have been 'cipher', as in 'key'.

2005.07.21 - 02:11AM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

one of the best regeneration fics i've read. I can see this happening in canon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I like to bend the rules without breaking them :-).

2005.07.20 - 08:44PM
2: ...the more they stay the same.

Lovely and fitting. Nice nod to Doctors past as well.

Bellatrix (lazy lazy me)
2005.07.20 - 01:59PM
1: The more things change...

*sobs* Poor Rose.. but then, poor Ten. He's seen it all before, and still can't help her. More soon!

Author's Response: I know. People have been giving him such a hard time :-(.