Reviews For Degeneration

2009.11.03 - 11:34AM
41: Chapter 41

I don't know how much longer either of them can keep this up... :(

Author's Response: It wont be long...

2009.11.02 - 09:52PM
31: Chapter 31

you go wilf. awesome that wilf was planning to do it if jack didnt.

Author's Response: I think any one of them would have done it (well apart from Luke) in order to save his life...

2009.11.02 - 09:34PM
28: Chapter 28

poor poor jack. i felt so bad for the crying man- but he did what he believed he had to do.

Author's Response: He\'s only just beginning to realise what the implications of a bond were... and perhaps why the Doctor was so adament he didn\'t want to do it... there are going to be more issues and problems arising for both of them as it progresses...

2009.11.02 - 09:23PM
26: Chapter 26

awww poor jack. i wonder what will you do- will jack lose the bond once he gets himself killed or will they keep renewing it.

Author's Response: You will have to wait and see!

2009.11.02 - 07:59PM
25: Chapter 25

“Just.” Ianto bowed his head, shaking it slightly. “Go to your Doctor.” and “He’ll never trust me again, will he?” Jack glanced up to the TARDIS. For the first time, he felt her welcome him. “If he lives? It’s worth him hating me.” awww

Author's Response: Emotions are running high...

2009.11.02 - 07:08PM
24: Chapter 24

yay mickey. you rock mickey.
but my god, the doctor using mickey to give him asprin-how cruel.

Author's Response: I dont think he was being deliberately cruel just desperate...

2009.11.02 - 06:53PM
20: Chapter 20

i would think if bonding was that complicated and that it makes sex so imperitive then species and gender would totally be an issue. i would figure its sole purpose is for reproduction.
i know then that would make it not work for jack but thats the only reason i see if would be so.

Author's Response: The Doctor will explain this much later when he gets asked pretty much the same question in how can it be evolutionary viable to only be able to reproduce if bonded... which on the surface goes against the basic biological urge to produce offspring... if you think along the line of hareems and stags... the bond ensures that only the alpha male can impregnate.... but it evolved on Gallifrey a long time before even the Time Lords were space faring beings... so cross species bonding was not an issue... as time has moved on they have continued to change and bonding has adapted as well... the moral code of the High Council may have implications so far as gender and species are concerned, but they aren\'t there anymore... and well the bond can transcend species barriers... whether impregnation across species would produce viable hybrid offspring is another question... all these cute little Doctor/Rose kids would likely be born infertile and deformed *g* now that would be interesting ha ha.

2009.11.02 - 06:20PM
17: Chapter 17

well the only telepathic bond in the vicinity i can think of is donna. wonder if i'll be right. after all you got wilf there to go fetch her.

Author's Response: Not in this one I\'m afraid, but do have another degeneration story written where you\'re very close!

2009.11.02 - 06:10PM
15: Chapter 15

“Bypass… trachea has… membrane… been torn.” well that answers my quesstion earlier with his respiratory bypass.
and good ol' wilf. he's just marvelous.

Author's Response: They didn\'t know...

2009.11.02 - 05:52PM
14: Chapter 14

“No one can just sleep through that.” “Time Lord.”
“That’s it. You tell them. boy,”

Author's Response: The Doctor is going to come to rely on Wilf\'s grounded support.

2009.11.02 - 05:26PM
9: Chapter 9

awwww wilf was incredibly sweet and just so perfect.

Author's Response: Wil is a good\'un

Author's Response: Wilf even!!! Sorry about that, and thanks for your reviews by the way. Glad you\'re reading.

2009.11.02 - 05:09PM
6: Chapter 6

ooo, i really like the battle between jack and the tardis. i like how the tardis' angry actions against jack.

Author's Response: The TARDIS is a bit upset at this point, not sure she should be taking it out on Jack, but he\'s the easiest target because he already feels wrong

2009.11.02 - 03:52PM
2: Chapter 2

He did not complete the regeneration cycle. He has not reabsorbed the energy expended and is in a comatose state.
i really like this idea. now that sarah jane has been contacted and updated wonder what else will occur.

Author's Response: As soon as I saw him do that in JE I kind of figured he\'d not get away with it...

2009.11.01 - 03:01PM
40: Chapter 40

Lukey-boy, you're a genius!! :D

Author's Response: He is indeed

2009.11.01 - 02:56PM
40: Chapter 40

Are you sure Luke's only 14?

Author's Response: He is... but that is Luke for you...