Reviews For Degeneration

2018.02.04 - 02:35AM
278: Chapter 278

I know this story is long done but I wanted you to know that it is still being enjoyed. While I was a little hesitant about a 'sex or die' story, I should have know how well you can subvert a trope. I love the way you write Jack. It took reading your stories to really think about how few of the Doctor's relationship hang-ups apply to him. Jack has always been my favorite. (I think seeing the universe with Jack would be more fun then saving it with the Doctor, Schmoozing around with a conman speaks to my days as a young, unmedicated bipolar ) I love how you keep him true to character but also express the depth that his years would bring.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, sorry it's taken so long to respond, glad you enjoyed, K

2014.01.10 - 05:45PM
278: Chapter 278

I know this is an old story, but I just wanted to let you know that I've read it three times, and I love it (obviously)!

I think my favorite part is the Doctor/Jack relationship. You have the characters down very well.

Thank you for sharing your writing talent with us.

Author's Response: Blimey, three times? Glad that you\'ve enjoyed it that much! Thank you for taking the time to read and review. Kx

2013.08.15 - 11:55AM
278: Chapter 278


Well done, well done indeed. There are a few things I wish we could have seen, but it feels very much complete as is. I'm one of the few you won't hear calling for a sequel... except for a few very special stories, sequels just don't tend to do justice to the original. One-offs, though, that I could go for. Especially if they were naughty fun games in the TARDIS one-offs. ;)

Author's Response: Lol, no sequels and no one off\'s for the Degeneration universe. That one is done. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your reviews, they are very much appreciated, and it\'s been quite strange revisiting this to see where you were up to, lol. It feels like a lifetime ago, but glad that you enjoyed it.

2013.08.15 - 10:18AM
271: Chapter 271

*sighs* Men. Immortal & Time Lord, but still very very male.

Author's Response: Yeah, it\'s a universal thing I think - men and just plain daft.

2013.08.15 - 10:04AM
267: Chapter 267

JACK! Oh, you ... big daft sod... Idjit...

Can I strangle him please??!??!?!

Author's Response: Well that wouldn\'t be very charitable.

2013.08.15 - 09:25AM
260: Chapter 260

*grins* Before you know it, he'll be yelling out "RUN!!" and leaving everybody eating his dust. YAY!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, now he\'s getting there it wont be long.

2013.08.14 - 12:19PM
233: Chapter 233

Now *that's* more like it! Good for the TARDIS!

(Oh, and good on Martha for getting a bit of her own back!!)

Author's Response: Yeah, it was about time Martha stood her ground a bit with him. He\'s definitely been a difficult patient.

2013.08.14 - 11:40AM
232: Chapter 232

You are being a wicked, evil, horrid little tease. You do know that, don't you??? Isolation chamber + frostable glass = make with the nooky already!! ;)

Seriously though, Micky & Tom setting all that up and then the Doctor wanting to actually DRESS is gonna make this too cute for words. (Although, I hope not quite or I'll have nothing to read!)

Author's Response: Lol, it wont be long.

2013.08.13 - 08:37PM
216: Chapter 216

"he's a genius psychopath"... translation: He can be baited into monologuing. This is going nowhere good for mister Colbert, I suspect.

Author's Response: No, Colbert isn\'t going to end up the happiest of the campers.

2013.08.13 - 04:48PM
209: Chapter 209

JACK!! :D It's about bloody time!!!

Author's Response: ... see

2013.08.13 - 01:09PM
205: Chapter 205

Very very sweet, with Luke & the Doctor. Much with the cooing.

I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the Gestu may not be exactly who they appear to be... not that you've given much at all away, just seems Colbert-y.


Author's Response: Jack won\'t be too long...

2013.08.12 - 10:29AM
186: Chapter 186

Eridani... now that name sounds familiar. *thinks*... ah, yes, got it. Not gonna post it, though, in case of accidental spoilers. I'll find out soon enough if you're heading for a cross-over. Even a cameo one. ;)

Author's Response: Eridani is an actual star system so any reference to that would come from that too.

2013.08.12 - 10:00AM
185: Chapter 185

You better not have, I will be seriously furious.

Author's Response: Nah, I\'d not do that to Luke

Author's Response: Yet

2013.08.11 - 05:24PM
147: Chapter 147

Oh, geez... this is gonna be bad. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad like "Stop the world, I wanna get off " kind of bad.

Author's Response: Oh, not that bad, surely?

2013.08.10 - 09:19PM
134: Chapter 134

Oooooh, see, that's why telepaths need to ASK before they mess about in people's heads. Knew it was gonna go bad as soon as the hands started drifting. (HOT, though... as were the results!)

I mean, I know why he didn't, because Jack would have said no, of course not... but there are other options between 100% careful Jack and Jack with no inhibitions whatsoever. Does he really think he couldn't have achieved the desired result with a little well-timed mental conversation? Or is this just another example of the Doc not quite thinking things through? (Doctor, I luvs ya, sweetie, but that great big brain only works if you turn it on, hon.)

I just wanna give the poor spaz a great bit cuddle, he's got to be so confused.

On the flip side, I don't think Jack was harsh at all. In his shoes, I would have been forced to walk out of that room with little if any explanation, or risk being truly cruel. That has to have felt like rape for Jack, now that he's thinking again, rape and worse for knowing that even had he caused a serious injury, he wouldn't have stopped.

Yeah... definitely would have taken off much sooner and with less explaining, were it me.

Author's Response: Yeah, poor silly Doctor thought that he was doing Jack a favour by reducing his inhibitions and now he\'s blown it and Jack\'s gone storming it\'s certainly not the desired result.