2011.01.12 - 02:47AM
1: The Frosting of Angst

"That's about the size of it, yeah! Oh wait...." Ten looked down. "No, THAT'S about the size of it, right now, anyway! I'm also Not Ginger... nope, not ginger there either!"

Had I been drinking soda, it would have shot from my nose. Love your stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you for the honorary nasal explosion, CC! Glad you liked it!

2010.10.15 - 04:20PM
1: The Frosting of Angst

""I've seen all those movies where a giant radioactive lobster who likes parcheesi saves everybody, and here I am doing it myself!!" Ig yelled."

LMAO, you go Ig! And hah! Three getting a taste of his own medicine.

Author's Response: Very glad you liked it!

2009.11.29 - 09:36PM
1: The Frosting of Angst

My Gosh! This was very, very funny. As ClocketPatch said, "You, sir, are a comedic genius." As I said, "This is soo funny, and at some points I would've said this was a crazy bit of Doctor Who fanfic written by Douglas Adams! If I didn't know you wrote it, that is. Hilarious. Ten stars, plus three for the title."

Author's Response: Words fail, which is why there are only thirteen here. Thanks over and over.

Author's Response: Fourteen.....

2009.10.12 - 08:01PM
1: The Frosting of Angst

I was lol'ing from: Gallifrey was a different place, then. For one thing, it existed. (so true) and on and on through The Line, The rude, chatty, exhibitionist, and The Great Hair Colour Debate - you, kind sir, are a comedic genius, and a great contributor to the genre of cake.

Author's Response: Thanks extremely to fourteenth power. It\'s hard to know how to respond to that. Aside from the thanking which I did two sentences ago. Anyway, thanks a few more times, and did you catch the indirect reference to your kind self?

2009.10.11 - 01:53AM
1: The Frosting of Angst

Bwah hahahhah! I love this. :)

Author's Response: That\'s great to hear, thanks!

2009.10.09 - 04:23PM
1: The Frosting of Angst

Wonderful nonsense.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2009.10.09 - 01:24PM
1: The Frosting of Angst

Hah. That was very silly (n the right way). I did indeed love the lobster (what a cliche) and Three's disgust at getting 'the line' used on him, but tis was my favourite line: "What, Mr. Frilly, you don't quite swallow the cake? Big giant exploding doomsday weapon cake in space, just a bit far-fetched for you?" Ten replied. :lol:

Author's Response: Thanks much... I\'m relieved that (I think) I got away with a Ten characterization, which I\'d tried and failed at before.