Reviews For Cake and the Rani

2011.10.26 - 09:41PM
8: Chapter 8

I never reviewed this, did I? Well, it is awesome. (Not-actually-cracky cakefic - who would have thought it possible? Well, obviously you. XD)

Author's Response: Why thanky muchly! I\'ll take that as a compliment.

2009.08.23 - 05:35PM
8: Chapter 8

"Asinine" is a great word, actually; I'm going to try an use it more often from now on! ;D Great ending there; poor old Master - ah well, it's his uselessness at being a baddie that makes us love him (Simm!Master was less likeable because he was too darn good at it, I'd argue!). Nice Rani too - her businesslike ruthlessness was all too believable. And what a good story - I enjoyed it very much indeed. And agreed that we need more cakefic forthwith - it's the new wave of Who fanfic!

Author's Response: I think you\'ve pegged it with the Master, spot on. And thank you - I\'ve never written Ten or the Rani before, glad to hear they worked out. More cakefic!

2009.08.23 - 06:59AM
8: Chapter 8

Well done! As genres go, this is getting pretty good. (And: eek - it IS becoming a requirement! *thinks hastily*) I felt ridiculously sorry for the Master there. And enjoyed the Rani having a go at him at the same time.

Author's Response: Poor Master, sent packing with his tail between his legs - but never fear, he\'ll be back with a cigar and a grudge, no doubt. And ooo...are you going to tackle one too?

2009.08.22 - 03:23PM
8: Chapter 8

Nice, romping, plotty story, and surprisingly non-cracky given the subject matter. I might have to write one as well now, turn it into an actual genre "Three & Neekid!Ten with cake!" *giggles*

Author's Response: 101 Ways to have Neekid!Ten Chained to Three, with Cake - brought to you by the staid and sombre fans of Who. Hee! I bet you can come up with something, let\'s collect the whole set.