Reviews For Cake and the Rani

2011.03.24 - 09:01PM
5: Chapter 5

I am loving this story! It's wonderful to see 10 running around with 3 and Delgado. Sad bit at the end there took me by surprise though: "In my time, he is"...this must be hard for 10, huh?

Author's Response: Many thanks for reading - I wasn\'t sure how Ten\'s slant on things would work out with this, but he carried on well. They make a good team, this batch.

2009.10.18 - 07:23AM
5: Chapter 5

LOLs: "Do you keep an entire closet of those jackets?" and "Jolly fun getting to see you being all evil again, by the way." There's also: "I am the Master. Open." For every Master story, you have to find that one moment when his ego trips him up! He even feels a need to tell his equipment who's boss!

Author's Response: No doubt he\'s the one behind the Masters brand padlocks as well.

2009.08.23 - 05:17PM
5: Chapter 5

Aw - I always knew Three cared, really. Nice comedy Doctor-Doctor antics - I can just imagine them blundering about chained to each other. The line about the Master's narcissism made me LOL, because it's so true - he would use that phrase to set the lock! This continues to be a great read.

Author's Response: Their attempting to move while stuck to one another in hostile territory was what started this entire thing rolling, heh...

2009.08.23 - 06:53AM
5: Chapter 5

And every line between all the Time Lords a gem! With a little sting in the tail, too.

Author's Response: Nothing like Master-Doctor-Doctor possibilities. And I wasn\'t sure how these two regenerations might handle one another, but they seemed surprisingly inclined to get along famously. Of course, he always knew he was famous...