Reviews For Cake and the Rani

2009.10.12 - 01:41AM
2: Chapter 2

Your clues as to which Doctor is which are as minimal as humanly possible! Good thing too, who wants to go on and on about capes and velvet jackets etc.? I want the Rani's Tardis. This made me wonder what my Tardis would look like after a few hundred years.... Nice little question marks raised by things like the plinking, the skeleton (well of course her corridors are littered with animal skeletons!)...

Author's Response: But of course!

2009.08.23 - 04:56PM
2: Chapter 2

Love the descriptions of the Rani's TARDIs, with its scientific theme. Ten's going to regret knocking over that petri dish! And yes, I might have known _he'd_ be at the bottom of the cakiness...

Author's Response: But of course! And thanks, I could completely picture her decor reflecting her own obsessions.

2009.08.23 - 06:45AM
2: Chapter 2

Intriguing and somehow, despite all the cake-iness, so typical of all of them!

Author's Response: The Master for all his wiles could be terribly predictable in the way he carried them out, couldn\'t he?