Reviews For The Spartans

2009.10.10 - 02:16PM
7: Part Seven: The Immortals

Seriously good depiction of the action, and right from the heart of it, too... a strong and consistent feel of the event. Even in the midst of the crisis, the characters ring so very true, the Doctor's anger, Pollys' concern and fear, Jamie's own harsh life coming to the fore. Can't wait to read the next bit...

Author's Response: I don\'t know if I play up Jamie\'s grim-n-gritty past a bit much, considering how little-affected by it he seems to be in just about all of his TV stories (the version of Jamie in Bob Holmes\'s novelisation of The Two Doctors, on the other hand...well, you wouldn\'t want to meet him down a dark alley! ;D). Glad you enjoyed this one anyway and that the action worked for you; I was trying to get that close-up hoplite\'s-eye view of the whole thing, so thanks. And I\'m glad the characterisations continued to ring true to you as well.

2009.10.05 - 02:55PM
7: Part Seven: The Immortals

I really like how you wrote the battle and how Jamie compares it to what he went through.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, and I\'m glad you\'re continuing to follow this! Poor Jamie\'s been through a lot, hasn\'t he? It\'s amazing he\'s as normal as he is, really.

2009.10.05 - 02:42PM
7: Part Seven: The Immortals

Hah! I was right: beautiful descriptions of warfare again! ;-) Yes, really. My reviews are seeming very repetitive because this continues to be good in so many of the same ways - I do especially love the Two and Polly interaction. Polly's intervention was great and very her, too. And please be careful with Ben, okay? ;-) And I love the slightly OTT hissy fit the Jealous Advisor has about halfway through. That momentarily put things back into a b&w 60s serials, after all that multi-coloured fighting. :-)

Author's Response: Heheh - yeah, I sort of imagine him being played by somebody like the War Chief out of The War Games, complete with dodgy fake facial hair! Glad you liked Polly in this, because I\'m sort of playing her and Ben by ear really (so few of their episodes having survived in full). And I don\'t mind being praised repetitively - really, I don\'t! XD No, seriously, you\'re too kind and thanks for reading.