Reviews For The Spartans

2009.10.09 - 04:07PM
3: Part Three: The Soothsayer

It continues in the same brilliant vein... and is rapidly turning into a classic! You've got the feel of the old series down to a T in this: the episodic nature of it all, the characterisations... loved Polly and the Doc in this!... so very like the episodes of Troughton I've seen, especially the switch from comic to scary... something 7 inherited, I always thought. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Well, Two and Seven are very similar Doctors, aren\'t they, but not identical. I think in Seven\'s case, at least in his later stories, the clownishness became a very calculated sort of camouflage, whereas Two genuinely does seem to have these very different facets. I tend to think of Two as being like Lt Columbo - it isn\'t really all an act - except when it is! ;D Glad you\'re continuing to enjoy it, and especially Polly and Two. I don\'t think there\'s any point to writing fanfic, is there, unless you pastiche the little quirks, the cliffhangers etc. Or it\'s more fun that way, anyway. I kind of suspect that the old series wouldn\'t have run to a cast of thousands of sexually-ambiguous ancient he-men killing each other in horrific ways, though! They probably would have done it with half a dozen extras in a quarry with rubber spears, and been all the more awesome for that, of course! ;D

2009.08.31 - 10:44AM
3: Part Three: The Soothsayer

As much as I like Jamie, this was really good. I could hear Patrick Troughton's voice when the Doctor talked and the way you shifted from him being his clownish self to being in complete control was perfect! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much indeed; I\'m glad you\'re following this and continuing to enjoy, and I\'m especially glad that Two rings true for you, because as I say, I\'m not really one hundred percent sure when I\'m writing him. So thanks! When he did the shift, I was sort of envisioning that Scary Troughton Glare, if you know the expression I\'m thinking of! And hopefully there will be Jamie with a vengeance in the next chapter.

2009.08.31 - 09:38AM
3: Part Three: The Soothsayer

I thought I'd be sad with no Jamie and Ben in this one, but it turns out the Doctor and Polly are more than enough! Loved it all, especially the clinging in the face of death. Also you're captured the second Doctor's ability to shift between comic and scary in moments perfectly...*sits back and waits for chapter 4 :)*

Author's Response: Well, hopefully more Jamie and Ben in the next bit, male-bonding with big, sweaty Greek blokes... O.o Two is sort of the Columbo of Doctors, I think; it\'s a harmless front, most of the time, but there\'s an element of truth to it; no either/or. Or something. Very glad that you are continuing to enjoy this, and thanks for the kind words. The Scooby Doo clinging thing is just...Two, isn\'t it? A bit like \"when I say run!\"

2009.08.31 - 05:36AM
3: Part Three: The Soothsayer

There is absolutely no need to apologise for concentrating on Polly and the Doctor - you've got them down perfectly. And this is wonderful - te move between sinister and comical for the Doctor and the Beatles bit was great - I'm sure Polly sold it as well as she could. ;-) In fact the only complaint I have is that if you carry on this way, I'm going to have to resort to my thesaurus in order to vary my compliments on each chapter. (And you did get that I love the History and the (!) was short-hand for 'and if I start talking about it, this will be the longest review ever', right?) Okay, when's the next part up, so we can discover whether Jamie and Ben survived? :-)

Author's Response: Thanks very much indeed for the nice comments, and I\'m glad you\'re continuing to enjoy this one. And thanks for the thumbs up on the History (!) ;D. The next part won\'t be up as super-quick as this one was, I don\'t think - the weekend, perhaps? I\'m glad you liked Polly and the Doctor, because you know, they say Two\'s hard to write, don\'t they, and I\'m really not as confident with him as I am with, say, Seven, but he does have those little commanding Seven moments doesn\'t he, in between all the clowning. The Beatles thing came to me in a dream, as a soothsayer might say. Well, not quite; it was a fanvid, actually!