Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.10.11 - 03:00PM
182: Chapter 182

He's so darn frustrating! Talk to her! You git!

Author's Response: He will... eventually... just needs some intervention.

2009.10.11 - 02:47PM
181: Chapter 181

AW! Poor baby!

Author's Response: He wants a hug and she\'s arranging Laleten II! That wasn\'t supposed to happen and he\'s got no clue what to do now.

2009.10.11 - 02:28PM
179: Chapter 179

Silly Time Lord!

Author's Response: I know... he just can\'t help himself can he?

2009.10.10 - 12:51AM
185: Chapter 185

Hooray! He finally said it, and I love his brief tenative kiss, and then Martha demonstrating how 'we' do it! And then Jack panicking and thinking the Doctor had stopped breathing... *giggles*

Author's Response: It\'s a start...

2009.10.10 - 12:37AM
184: Chapter 184

Brilliant Jack! 11 out of 10 for hitting the nail on the head AND sticking out your tongue at the Doctor!!

Author's Response: Well he couldn\'t just step back and let the Doctor\'s stubborness reck their chance again could he?

2009.10.10 - 12:26AM
183: Chapter 183

Oh hooray for Jack spotting what was going on between the two of them!

Author's Response: He\'s not as daft as he looks...

2009.10.10 - 12:22AM
182: Chapter 182

He really is a big silly! Talk to Martha, you daft alien!

Author's Response: He can\'t admit it now... it\'s too late.

2009.10.10 - 12:21AM
185: Chapter 185

Yay! It should always have been Martha and the Doctor, especially after Rose's reluctance to him regenerating! I am a happy happy girl

Author's Response: It\'s a healthier relationship than with Rose... especially now Martha has grown out of the infatuation stage... glad it\'s made you happy.

2009.10.10 - 12:16AM
181: Chapter 181

You silly Time Lord! TELL Martha that you want a bit of TLC. She's not psychic, and she's got no reason to know you want looking after instead of a quick-fix...

Author's Response: They need their heads knocking together

2009.10.10 - 12:12AM
180: Chapter 180

Aw... I like that he wants to snuggle with Martha and for her to make him all better again...

Author's Response: It\'s a pretty confusing place to be though...

2009.10.10 - 12:08AM
179: Chapter 179

Oh Doctor! When are you going to learn?

Author's Response: That is a fairly simple one to answer... he isn\'t is he?

2009.10.09 - 11:41PM
185: Chapter 185

I love Jack and it's about time that the Doctor acted on his feeling for Martha. Yay kissing! :)

Author's Response: He just needed a shove in the right direction

2009.10.09 - 11:30PM
184: Chapter 184

Wow! And I thought the Doctor could ramble! Go, Jack! :)

Author's Response: He\'s had enough of watching them fumble around and know the Doctor won\'t do anything so... Jack to the emotional rescue...

2009.10.09 - 11:24PM
183: Chapter 183

Jack is playing match maker?! I love it! And he is right. The Doctor came to see Martha instead of going to the hospital because he NEEDS her! :)

Author's Response: Jack has Ianto and he just wants Martha and the Doctor both to be content and happy... he can see what is going on even if they can\'t.

2009.10.09 - 11:16PM
185: Chapter 185

Yay! Whoo! It's the reasons he said to Martha here which make me like Doctor/Martha and especially Doctor/River a LOT more than I had ever liked Doctor/Rose. Now I can barely stand Rose at all. Because she is the one Companion that never understood him as a person O_o well, not like the others who accept him. She tried to shape him into her idealisation of what he should be.

I'm glad to see that those two are going somewhere now. And that the Doctor is not only getting back to his old (but new) self, but is happy to stay for a few weeks at most with people he wouldn't have beforehand.

Long review is long.

Author's Response: I agree... I like a Ten/River/Jack trio too lol... I tink the Doctor is going to be left feeling pretty perplexed when he thinks about what it is that he really wants...