Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.09.02 - 10:42AM
44: Chapter 44

I just have to say that I find this whole story very compelling. I love how you've created an entire planet and society from scratch with their own myths and customs and everything. Very hearty bit of meta-writing this. Well done you :)

Author's Response: Thank you, and thank you for your review. Did have to look up what meta-writing was though lol *g*

2009.09.02 - 08:52AM
44: Chapter 44

Yay for Jack and Martha- didn't expect the latter but it was a very good choice, if anyone could help the Doctor in a situation like this, then Martha knows how from experiance :) Poor Gandor though, he's got a lot to work through now, and I fear you're not done yet with these new events *senses evil approaching* One question though- where's the TARDIS? Has Jack been piloting it?

Author's Response: Okay, briefly - very long story very short Doctor does some stuff ends up with Code 9 when TARDIS crashes into UNIT warehouse with the Doctor on board... enter Martha - they do some stuff - Doctor gets kidnapped by teleport - Martha goes to Jack... they get the confiscated vortex manipulator stolen by the Family of Blood... Martha gets teleport sickness... go to a space station for info... Jack steals a ship... from same bar as he picked up the Chulan woman... so they got there by vortex manipulator and stolen two man vessel... and the TARDIS is in the weapon\'s warehouse in UNIT on Earth - oh and evil may have followed.

2009.09.02 - 01:51AM
44: Chapter 44

See, I said something bad (from Gandor's and his adoptive family's PoV) was going to happen. And you've just proved me right. I knew someone would come looking for the Doctor eventually... And as soon as Gandor started feeling headachy, I guessed it was Jack. (Didn't guess Martha would be with him - nice bonus!)

So, not Pessimistic!Persiflage at all - but Realistic!Persiflage! :D

Author's Response: Lol... okay... realistic Persiflage.

2009.09.02 - 01:17AM
41: Chapter 41

I'd say pushing a man with only one functioning arm into a reservoir was one of the stupider things Carltos has done!

Author's Response: It was a bit daft yeah, but no real harm done.

2009.09.02 - 12:44AM
44: Chapter 44

Had a feeling this was coming. It's interesting that his companions have this notion that he needs to be 'saved' from his new life - still, I wonder if there isn't a grain of truth in that. It's beautiful at the moment, but what happens when the Doctor's past catches up with him? Or when he outlives he makeshift family as he's sure to do? Poor Doctor. Poor Gandor. Poor Jack and Martha. And Notram caught in the middle. :.(

(as a side note several chapters delayed, I'd love to hear more about this ancient hero Dor that Gandor is named after. It strikes me that Doctor could flatten out to that syllable after a few centuries of phonetic drift...)

Author's Response: Martha and Jack have been searching for him for four weeks (as said in a previous review - I originally wrote this starting prior to his kidnap, and then following two adjacent threads of Jack and Martha searching, and Gandor getting his life together... I couldn\'t make it work properly with the temporal divergence... it didn\'t read right, but Jack and Martha had been through a lot to get where they are, searching seven planets - some quite hostile for him - they\'d given up hope of finding him alive at this point. They\'ve found him with no memory and with a disabled arm and at this point have no real understanding of the life he is leading... to them he still needs rescuing and saving. So that he can be the Doctor again. Jack wanted his romantic rescue of the Doctor and Martha just wants him to be okay - it is going to take them a while to realise that he is.

Author's Response: As for Dor... there may just be another shorter story festering on my hard-drive and in much need of attention. There was no intention for it to be linked when written - it was just my own little private universe-y thing.

2009.09.01 - 09:03PM
44: Chapter 44

I don't think he's going to leave. If he does then a lot of hearts are going to be broken.

Author's Response: There may be other factors not considered yet...

2009.09.01 - 09:01PM
43: Chapter 43

Oh, dear, this isn't going to end well.

Author's Response: Not really no

2009.09.01 - 08:56PM
44: Chapter 44

Something tells me Martha and Jack will have a very difficult time getting Gandor to leave his new home and family. Notram won't permit it!

Author's Response: Notram certainly isn\'t going to be very happy about it if he does leave - I dont think anyone is really, it is just Notram is more vocal about it.

2009.09.01 - 08:54PM
44: Chapter 44

oh gosh tricky moral dilemma give him back to himself or not... oh this is amazing so far, just as good as making headway
sorry I've just read the whole thing in a lump so this is my 1st review! (again!)

Author's Response: Glad that you\'re enjoying... it is going to be tricky for everyone.

2009.09.01 - 08:40PM
43: Chapter 43

Poor Gandor! Looks like his new life is about to be torn apart.

Author's Response: Quite dramatically...

2009.09.01 - 08:36PM
39: Chapter 39

I'm getting increasingly afraid something bad is going to happen. I hope it doesn't. I just don't want anything to spoil this new life Gandor's made, but, knowing his past...

Author's Response: His past is hot on his heels now

2009.09.01 - 08:09PM
42: Chapter 42

Is it Jack and Rose????????????? tellll meee!!! *excited*

Author's Response: Halfway there - lol... I very rarely write Rose... she always ends up too whiney when I try... can\'t get her right... if there is a choice in the matter... it wont be Rose.

2009.09.01 - 07:32PM
42: Chapter 42

He was found!

Author's Response: Yeah... but was he really lost?

2009.09.01 - 07:07PM
39: Chapter 39

I hope Gandor never finds out who he really is. It would spoil the life he's got now.

Author's Response: It would spoil what he has now, but is what he has now really and truly enough for him. Now he has been accepted and it is not an ongoing challenge just to exist in the place, he is no longer going to be striving just to fit in - I am not sure now that battle is over whether he would be able to survive longterm in those circumstances.

2009.09.01 - 07:07PM
42: Chapter 42

I know who it is! :) Poor Gandor, things are about to get complicated.

Author's Response: Yeah... a lot of things are going to be confusing and upsetting for all involved.