Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.09.08 - 01:45PM
60: Chapter 60

Martha gave him a long lasting painkiller, and he seemed to stand straighter as the whoosh of drugs provided almost instant relief. “Don’t think that gives you free reign to be stupid and reckless.”

“Would I?” The Doctor grinned. “I’ll be good, promise.”

Pfft! He's perfectly capable of being stupid and reckless when he's not drugged up. Chances of him not being the same when he is drugged up are minute!

Author's Response: He does tend to get himself into bother a lot!

2009.09.07 - 12:25AM
59: Chapter 58

Just so you know - you've uploaded the latest chapters in the wrong order - which is confusing as heck!

Hooray, the Doctor's back!

Author's Response: It\'s fixed.... sorry!

2009.09.07 - 12:21AM
58: Chapter 59

Ah, this makes more sense now *wishes she'd read the reviews first*

Author's Response: *ducks* will be more careful in future!!

2009.09.07 - 12:13AM
59: Chapter 58

I think there's something missing here; it goes rather suddenly from Gandor being dead to the Doctor hopping around with his memories back with no apparent resuscitation or explanation in between. Other than that, wonderful, emotional, heart-breaking chapter as always. I feel bad for Notram (but am still secretly cuffed at having the Doctor back)

Author's Response: It\'s all fixed now, apologies for that (but am secretly chuffed people noticed lol)

2009.09.06 - 11:12PM
58: Chapter 59

Ditto on the switch, but I love the story and the Doctor's come back. Pretty spectacular rescue by Jack --scaring everyone like that.

Author's Response: It\'s all fixed now, thanks for your review.

2009.09.06 - 10:15PM
1: Chapter 1

Haha! I think it's just the last two that are switched >.

Author's Response: That\'s what you get for altering a chapter so he dies! Fairly sure that changed it on screen, but we think it was validated in the right rather than new wrong order... shan\'t be doing that again. Have fixed it now.

2009.09.06 - 09:31PM
58: Chapter 59

and now itmight be just the last 2...sorry. I gots confuzzled.

Author's Response: It was just the last two lol....

2009.09.06 - 09:30PM
58: Chapter 59

59 is supposed to be 57, 57 is supposed to be 58 and 58 is supposed to be 59 :P

chapter numbers that is. They got muddled up.

Author's Response: They are all in the right order now!!! Sorry *ducks*

2009.09.06 - 08:37PM
58: Chapter 59

OKay really thought you was gonna kill him! one question- are 58 and 59 reversed? cos it seems that 59 leads from 58. if they aren't sorry, i'm very tired.but if they are, just thought i'd let you know

Author's Response: Yeah, they\'re the wrong way round, but I\'ve fixed it now. I was very tired when I was uploading... though sure I corrected it on screen before validation... might have confused admin as well!

2009.09.06 - 08:36PM
58: Chapter 59

YAY you didn't kill him! *hugs* Brilliant chapters!
One problem though, chapters 58 and 59 are the wrong way around- I was very confused for a min or so hahaha!

Author's Response: Just checking lol.... have fixed it now.

2009.09.06 - 08:25PM
57: Chapter 57

Your dedication made me grin for ages! Thank you! Haha! You dedicated a heart-wrenching and utterly devastating chapter to me! Yay! *giggles*

On a serious note- OMG HOW COULD YOU???? Even I haven't killed the Doctor yet... Right, i'm going to read the next two chapters now, I do hope you've not killed him for good... *glares* *giggles and runs off*

Author's Response: One day I might... but then who would I have to play with?

2009.09.06 - 08:21PM
59: Chapter 58

Oh, dear, poor little guy. His angel's gone.

Author's Response: You know I have a sneaky suspicion that he may not have.

2009.09.06 - 08:15PM
58: Chapter 59

Oh, I get it! The crystal held...! No spoilers but I am glad he's still alive.

Author's Response: I screwed up me chapters!!! Ooops... glad people noticed though!

2009.09.06 - 07:55PM
57: Chapter 57

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not Gandor!

Author's Response: Sorry *g*

2009.09.06 - 11:03AM
56: Chapter 56

Meep! Jack! Jump in there and save the Doctor/Gandor RIGHT NOW!!!

Author's Response: He will shortly, and maybe a bit late.