Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.09.14 - 01:44PM
67: Chapter 67

Poor Doctor. I can understand him being scared.

Author's Response: He\'s having a bit of trouble adjusting back to the \'real world\'

2009.09.14 - 11:19AM
68: Chapter 68

I've a feeling Martha's gonna be the one slapping people, not Jack, before too long! You tell 'em Martha!!

Author's Response: She isn\'t too impressed, but it\'s just the way that it is there, and it is what the Doctor prefers. In fixed and out again. He\'s just a bit more awkward than usual.

2009.09.13 - 07:40PM
66: Chapter 66

Maybe this time he'll get proper treatment so he can heal more completely.

Author's Response: The treatment he will receive will be efficient and effective.

2009.09.13 - 10:00AM
66: Chapter 66

I'd be ticked off at Jack as well if I knew all they had to do was do what the Doctor did. :)

Author's Response: Me too!

2009.09.12 - 11:57PM
66: Chapter 66

Two arms and working kidneys would be nice, Doctor!
I can just believe Martha's annoyed it took them 4 weeks!

Author's Response: The Doctor has got so used to existing as Gandor that he\'s almost forgotten what it was to be fit. Martha\'s annoyance is in good humour.

2009.09.10 - 12:40AM
64: Chapter 64

He was a fifty-first century man and he needed technology or at least a light he didn’t have to blow out.

I would've thought that Jack, as an experienced Time Agent, would be more than used to spending time in 'primitive' eras.

Author's Response: I thought about that, but suspect even in primitive eras as a Time Agent he would have well equipped and just because he\'d been in them doesn\'t mean he necessarily liked them or had to spend time there doing manual labour. He\'s always had scanners and sonic blasters and things like that.

2009.09.09 - 11:47PM
65: Chapter 65

I've definitely noticed that NuWho has a distinct colour code thing going with blue and red...

Good on Notram pinning the Doctor/Gandor down. Now, he's better keep that promise or I'll give him a thrashing.

Author's Response: Might have some mauve as well soon. He\'ll be back...

2009.09.09 - 08:44PM
65: Chapter 65

Notram's Time Lord Angel! so sweet!

Author's Response: Notram is going to miss him!

2009.09.09 - 07:40PM
64: Chapter 64

I love the last bit. Nope, he is NO idiot! :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed.

2009.09.08 - 05:26PM
63: Chapter 63

Between Martha and Sarlah he's gonna be well cared for in spite of himself!

Author's Response: I think the term \'short leash\' is going to be appropriate lol.

2009.09.08 - 04:41PM
63: Chapter 63

Yay. I love coming home from work and finding new chapters. I think the Doctor will probably be happier now he has something he can call a family. and when its all completed, i'm gonna start at the beginning and read the whole thing.keep it up.i will be very glad to check the most recent and find more of your stories

Author's Response: Thank you. I love coming home from work and finding reviews! The Doctor is going to struggle more than he realises. There are more stories to come, but it\'s going to be a while because they\'re all still in the handwritten stage! Can\'t do straight onto the PC it doesn\'t seem to work. Still a way to go on this one though. It\'s not quite over yet *g*

2009.09.08 - 02:02PM
63: Chapter 63

“Not for you,” Martha and Sarlah stated in unison.

“Blimey! Two doctors?” He groaned. “That is this Doctor’s worst nightmare.”

Hahaha! Just what you need, Doctor!

Author's Response: *g* they\'ll keep him in line between them for a while.

2009.09.08 - 02:02PM
63: Chapter 63

I'm glad he's getting better and has a new home. But saying goodbye for a bit is going to be hard.

Author's Response: It\'s going to be difficult for a while.

2009.09.08 - 01:52PM
61: Chapter 61

I love it when he rambles! :)

Author's Response: He\'s certainly got a gob!

2009.09.08 - 01:45PM
60: Chapter 60

I'm glad that Notram is still friends with him. And, yeah, he is still Gandor no matter what the others call him! :)

Author's Response: They are one and the same. It\'s going to be harder than he imagines himself to get back into the swing of being the Doctor full time.