Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.09.19 - 08:41PM
83: Chapter 83

Nononononono! :O

Author's Response: Farming is a dangerous occupation.

2009.09.19 - 08:06PM
84: Chapter 84

Oh dear. Please don't make me cry like with making headway! I'm really smiley at the mo! but if you have to, I will love you anyway, because you are such an amazing writer! I have a feeling I will need a lot of tissues. And that I am becoming addicted to broken angel. Can't this be one of those days where everyone lives?

Author's Response: The Doctor can only see that he can heal him as is his ability or let him die... a middle of the road solution may be coming from an unexpected source, but everybody dies - it is only some days that everybody lives. Stay smiley though!!!

2009.09.19 - 08:03PM
84: Chapter 84

It had to happen. Eventually he would have to face that someone would get older, sicker, accidents happen...This will be hard, but I think it will be just as hard on Martha and Jack, because the Doctor has made them a part of the visits. I would imagine Martha and Jack as much as they would fight, have begun to care for these people as well.

Author's Response: It\'s life isn\'t it? And I think he\'d forgotten about that aspect of it. Martha certainly cares a lot for the family; Jack I\'m not so sure of yet, I think he is still very wary of the affect they have on the Doctor and is pretty jealous of the open affection the Time Lord shows them but has never really shown him.

2009.09.19 - 12:02AM
80: Chapter 80

That's Martha Jones! She has always had a knack of getting the Doctor to do things that he wasn't necessarily keen to do.

Author's Response: I never anticipated this going on for so long... if I had imagined this point when I started writing I\'d have had Donna there... because she would really have got him straight!

2009.09.18 - 10:58PM
80: Chapter 80

Yep. Martha's got it right!

Author's Response: She has indeed!

2009.09.18 - 09:09PM
80: Chapter 80

Ahhh, all it took was a womans touch. Ice skating; check out a nubula next, maybe save a planet with spoon. Poor Doctor; he needs a break, but his way I think will break his heart.

Author's Response: It is a work in progress

2009.09.18 - 09:09PM
80: Chapter 80

I think I know what Martha is doing. She's easing him back into his old life by doing things he used to like while still seeing his family. Martha Jones, you are brilliant! :)

Author's Response: No one can refuse ice skating on the mineral lakes of Kurhan... well i could possibly - last time I tried ice skating I fell over and broke a wrist before I even made it to the ice... now that\'s embarrassing... the big question is can Jack skate???

2009.09.18 - 08:10PM
80: Chapter 80

I think I like Martha's method better, get him intersted in othere interesting and fun things and tell Beltram and Notram about them after wards so he can slowly integrate back into his own world with Martha and Jack. Get back to Being the Doctor again.

Author's Response: That is the cunning plan... Jack is going to take it one step further too!

2009.09.18 - 08:00PM
79: Chapter 79

Jack should listen to Martha, she is making sense. the way he is going he will drive the Doctor away from them permanently.

Author's Response: They are going to come to at least some sort of arrangement they are reasonably happy with... it just depends on whether circumstances are going to allow it.

2009.09.18 - 12:59PM
78: Chapter 78

Jack in this story is making me visicous!

Author's Response: Oh... he doesn\'t mean to!!! Next one am working on has a fluffy loving Jack back in a dynamic Ten/River/Jack three way bonding...

2009.09.18 - 10:26AM
78: Chapter 78

wow, it's so clear that he's not the Doctor... and i'm angry with him for the first time in my life - I can't believe he hit Jack! that was so out of order! and Jack's right, and the Doctor knows that - but the truth hurts, about the "you'll come back and there'll be nobody left"...

Author's Response: He can\'t see that at the moment... it\'s quite amusing reading the reviews and the different sides people are taking... some reckon Jack deserved it and glad he got whacked and others like yourself thinking it\'s out of order... goes to show how different perspectives can be... and think the Doctor is losing sight of all perspective and I tend to side with you - although not angry with him just slightly worried...

2009.09.18 - 12:47AM
78: Chapter 78

I rather suspect the Doctor thumped Jack because he's used the 'apes' line himself in the past and he's only just realised how very hurtful it is...

Jack's right though. The Doctor needs to take actual time between his visits to Notram and his family...

Author's Response: Jack\'s just going about it in the wrong way... Martha may get somewhere...

2009.09.17 - 11:16PM
78: Chapter 78

I'm starting to get seriously concerned for the Doctor; Jack could have been a bit less inflammatory, but he's right; the Doctor's burning away the years. He has to go or he has to stay. Either way, he can't keep hiding from himself.

Author's Response: He can\'t see the bigger picture at the moment and is just caught between not being able to stay and not being able to leave an doing what he thinks is a happy medium... I\'m not sure anyone is going to be able to talk any sense into him any time soon... but at this rate it\'s not going to be long before a certain birthday boy is old enough to realise what the Doctor is doing to himself...

2009.09.17 - 05:29PM
78: Chapter 78

Much as I like Jack, I say it's about time the Doctor/Gandor gave him just what it seemed he was asking for!

Author's Response: Ooo vicious Pippin!!!

2009.09.17 - 05:15PM
77: Chapter 77

Made Beltran's special day even more special!

Author's Response: It\'s nice that the Doctor is there for Beltram as well, although he didn\'t say it I think Beltram was feeling a bit left out.