Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.10.03 - 11:42PM
163: Chapter 163

Uh-oh! I'm not sure about this...

Author's Response: The Doctor doesn\'t want to let him go.

2009.10.03 - 10:50PM
164: Chapter 164

Martha has some really great ideas!

Author's Response: Martha is the real stabilising force throughout this whole adventure.

2009.10.03 - 10:46PM
166: Chapter 166

Notram is right. He doesn't go anywhere else anymore.

Um, I think you made a boo-boo. You said ancestors instead of descendants. Unless the Doctor is going to go back in time to Notram's family's past.

Author's Response: I wouldn\'t put it past him... lol... but thank you I\'ve changed it... wibbly wobbly timey wimey - ancestors and descendants are nearly the same thing *g*

2009.10.03 - 10:44PM
163: Chapter 163

You know, he thinks he can get away with bending the rules a bit since the Time Loprds are gone, but he forgets there is still Jack and Martha! LOL!

Author's Response: I have always theorised that he is always so set on rules and fixed points and things that can and can\'t change because if he crossed that line once he wouldn\'t be able to trust himself not to try and change more significant hurts. I mean one more wouldn\'t hurt would it?

2009.10.03 - 10:30PM
160: Chapter 160

Sneaky Time Lord! he needs a hug!

Author's Response: Does he need a hug or does he need a kick up the arse and slapping back into line?

2009.10.03 - 10:30PM
164: Chapter 164

Ah, Martha, that was so clever! :)

Author's Response: She is good isn\'t she? Think it\'s going to do all of them some good.

2009.10.03 - 10:26PM
163: Chapter 163

Ok, I think he really is pushing it. I know he loves his family but maybe it was time for Notram to pass on.

Author's Response: I think if he could protect Notram and keep him forever he would, but when does that stop being support and start becoming selfish?

2009.10.03 - 10:19PM
157: Chapter 157

Ach! The Bobsey Twins again!

Author's Response: Yep... again...

2009.10.03 - 10:13PM
156: Chapter 156

Sounds like a trick he learned while at the Time Agency.

Author's Response: That is quite possible. I think he\'s just happily smug and pleased to have got through the day without splinters and get one over everyone else.

2009.10.03 - 10:10PM
155: Chapter 155

I have a theory about that, maybe interferance is called for in order to nudge the progression of a society a bit.

Maybe this "mistake" was meant to be made.

Author's Response: That is one thing no one will ever know. Whether it was meant to be or just something that happened or was really not meant to be at all.

2009.10.03 - 11:34AM
160: Chapter 160

Poor Doctor. I don't think he CAN stop!

Author's Response: It says something when he retreats back to the house rather than the depths of the TARDIS.

2009.10.03 - 11:27AM
157: Chapter 157

Oh well. Boys will be boys, even at the twins' age! :)

Author's Response: Yep... and Carlton and Docton will never change.

2009.10.03 - 11:22AM
156: Chapter 156

Very clever, Jack! :)

I would love to see what the new house looks like. It sounds amazing.

Author's Response: It\'s about time Jack got one up on them.

2009.10.03 - 12:37AM
160: Chapter 160

Oh Doctor!! You know that Martha and Jack love your friends nearly as much as you do, but you also know they're right or you wouldn't have snuck out to do it like you did...

Author's Response: He\'s crossed the line so many times now what is one more?

2009.10.03 - 12:32AM
157: Chapter 157

Oh those twins!! Honestly, you'd think they were boys, the way they go on!

Author's Response: The calamity twins. As the village booms and the new house goes up... some things just never change.