Reviews For Broken Angel

2009.10.06 - 02:57PM
176: Chapter 176

Bllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpt! And here I thought Tom was a ncie guy!

Author's Response: Maybe he just needed Martha in the resistance and that experience changed him... without that experience... he was a nice enough guy as long as Martha was where he thought she should be... it\'s just Martha is no doormat is she?

2009.10.06 - 02:54PM
175: Chapter 175

Hmmm...I hope he shows up.

Author's Response: He might... he might not want to by then... he might not get a chance by then... he might already be there and not have to turn up at all... who knows? I dont think he does either... what would Gandor do because maybe that is the answer...

2009.10.06 - 02:39PM
177: Chapter 177

*gulp* Poor Doctor - fancy being tortured over his Sonic Screwdriver... *hugs him*

Author's Response: Strange how what seemed to have been forgotten raised it\'s ugly head in an empty TARDIS.

2009.10.06 - 02:35PM
176: Chapter 176

Bad Tom! He doesn't deserve Martha!

Author's Response: No he doesn\'t... does Ten though?

2009.10.06 - 02:33PM
175: Chapter 175

Aw brilliant! I hope the Doctor does go ice skating and picnic/partying with his Earth-bound family...

Author's Response: If he gets the chance I am sure he will, he\'s actually a little concerned about how much he is looking forwards to it!

2009.10.06 - 11:46AM
174: Chapter 174

*sniff* Goodbye sweet Notram! :(

Author's Response: He\'s off to Andrini\'s star now...

2009.10.06 - 11:36AM
174: Chapter 174

Fighting tears to see the screen so I can say goodbye to Notram myself...

Author's Response: Sorry... but it needs to be done.

2009.10.06 - 11:36AM
173: Chapter 173

I;m glad that Jack had that talk with him and he talked to Martha. I said goodnight to Notram, too, because it's hard to say goodbye to such a sweet character. (That's why I like your stories, the characters become real!)

Author's Response: Jack can be just cruel and harsh enough to make him stop and listen, and thank you Notram was a nice character to write around.

2009.10.06 - 11:07AM
173: Chapter 173

Oh thank goodness Jack persuaded him to talk, and that he did actually talk to Martha... *hugs them all* And I'm glad they insisted on going to Notram's memorial service. It wouldn't be right to just skip off after Ten involved them both in Notram's family...

Author's Response: I think he\'s still a bit perplexed that he\'s agreed to it when what he wants/needs to do for himself is run, but talking came easy as Gandor and maybe easier for him too... in fact it might take his companions longer to realise just how changed he is than they think.

2009.10.05 - 01:16PM
172: Chapter 172

He needs to have a serious hearts to heart talk with Martha and with Jack.

Author's Response: He does and he will, but it might take him longer than it seems to come back to himself - if he does at all.

2009.10.05 - 02:09AM
172: Chapter 172

OK, now I know you've broken my heart! So glad Martha's there to help the Doctor pick up the pieces.

Author's Response: He might not realise that he needs to let her just yet.

2009.10.05 - 02:07AM
171: Chapter 171

I think you just broke my heart - I didn't even realize how much I loved Notram. I've loved this series so much. Thank you.

Author's Response: Sorry *g* Thank you for reading and sticking with it.

2009.10.04 - 11:54PM
172: Chapter 172

I hope the Doctor isn't thinking of just dropping Jack and Martha off and leaving. Jack may need to for his team, but Martha, despite everything that has happened between the two of them, I believe she'd stay. He owes her an all night chat, somewhere peaceful and quiet, just her and the Doctor. Oh, i'm still a little teary eyed. More hugs and chats in the future I hope? Also, extreme kudos to you for writing all this out in pen first!!! I am beyond impressed!

Author's Response: My own little section of the Rain Forest vanished with this one... I can\'t believe how long it is... and that it\'s not done yet! He might be thinking of that, but I Martha will have something to say about it and Jack certainly will.

2009.10.04 - 11:46PM
172: Chapter 172

I think he needs to go somewhere quiet and peaceful and just grieve (but not alone!)

Author's Response: What he needs to do and what he is likely to do generally don\'t match do they?

2009.10.04 - 10:39PM
172: Chapter 172

Oh, here we go again. *sniff* Mustn't cry. But, like he said, what now?

Author's Response: Now he picks himself up dusts himself off and gets on with life - the Doctor in the TARDIS just as he always has done... doesn\'t he? Can\'t he?