2015.09.06 - 09:31PM
1: Chapter 1

I read all of "Making Headway" in two days. I just couldn't stop. So glad I noticed that you had made a happy ending. Wonderful story. Loved it.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it, it's one of my favourite stories.

2015.08.22 - 10:56PM
3: Chapter 3

Just finished reading Headway and I silently screamed 'no' at the ending. I felt a gushing flood of relief to discover this 'fix-it' ending. I liked in this version you went back to the aspirin berries. I had suspected them to have had a part to play in the Doctor's condition. So I'm glad for the reference. I didn't like that you just used Jack's Artron energy to bring the Doctor back. That feels a bit lame and overly rushed. If Jack could have done that, why didn't he do it in the beginning? The Doctor's immediate recovery is rather disappointing.

However the fix-it ending is helping me to cope with the original. I just know that it is going to replay over and over on loop in the back of my mind and haunt me forever. I have a few (1) favorite fanfics where the Doctor dies and it is bearable, but the thought that the Doctor is a vegetable, with Jack alone to carry on taking care of him. It's very haunting. But also inspiring, maybe I'll write something about the Doctor losing his mind, could be fun. I blame you.

Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this story/Making Headway. I only started reading it because I was waiting for an update on Code 9. I've been following that story since chapter 75. *And I only got hooked on that because Broken Angel ended.*

Author's Response: I didn't intend to have the fix it ending really. The intention was to leave it without, but I bowed to the pressure of readers at the time lol and wrote the fix it. Glad that you're enjoying the stories, you're working through them quickly lol.

2013.10.18 - 06:55AM
1: Chapter 1

I have not seen this story the first time, and as long as I understand the other ending, I prefer this one.

The Doctor acted very foolish eating aspirin berries...
Martha was very well written, and I loved the way the Doctor slept in the most unusual places.

Author's Response: The Doctor was luckier in this version of the story. Personally I prefer the other but this was written as an alternative after receiving several death threats lol, thanks for reading and reviewing. K

2012.01.08 - 12:40AM
3: Chapter 3

Hmm. :) This ending makes the original even more bittersweet - knowing he was but a kiss away from this!
I prefer the original, but admittedly this did make me feel a little better, because the original ending did break my heart a little.
You make it so easy to forget it's all fiction!

Author's Response: Yeah, all it would have taken was for Jack to give him a kiss and inadvertently trigger an energy transfer at a time when the Doctor could receive it and then it would have all been alright. Thanks once again.

2011.02.22 - 07:49AM
2: Chapter 2

This is wonderful. Love this line:

I donít always pay attention, but I always listen.

Sums up the Doctor perfectly!!!

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed.

2009.11.27 - 03:16PM
3: Chapter 3

Awww! I've literally ran over from finishing Making Headway to reading this. I have to admit, I prefer the original ending, but I'm so glad I read this version. I've got such a big grin on my face now. Everything's going to be OK! :)

... until the Doctor next gets into trouble.

Author's Response: He is always going to get into trouble isn\'t he? He will when I\'ve got hold of him anyway. Thank you once again for your review, it is always nice to receive reviews, especially when it\'s been a while since it was originally posted. Thanks for your comments and glad that you enjoyed.

2009.11.24 - 09:01PM
3: Chapter 3

That was a much better ending than the original. Well, the original ending was brilliant too, but just so depressing and sad. I'm glad you decided to write an alternate, though, cos the other was torture. Great story!!!

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the story... I find it quite interesting that there seems to be an even mix of people that prefer one or other of the endings. I get to play with them for longer in this one, but I personally prefer the other... but that might be just because I\'m mean and nasty.

2009.11.08 - 03:19AM
3: Chapter 3

Loved it...The doctor is recovering and things are as they should be...

Author's Response: All is well that ends well... for now anyway... or until I get hold of them again lol.

2009.11.08 - 03:08AM
2: Chapter 2

Very nice...he is up and about, and back again...Loved it...

Author's Response: Makes a difference to what happened in Headway, couldn\'t really leave him like that.

2009.11.08 - 02:52AM
1: Chapter 1

Like this, he is healing...

Author's Response: Yeah he has managed with Jack\'s unwitting help to get into the much needed healing coma.

2009.08.19 - 12:04PM
3: Chapter 3

brilliant ending, well written loved this ending best, although enjoyed the alternate ending, keep it up more stories next time.

Author's Response: Thank you x

2009.08.19 - 12:04PM
1: Chapter 1

:O:O I agree with Diva, you simple MUST post the blue ending!

Author's Response: and lots and lots and lots....

2009.08.19 - 09:57AM
1: Chapter 1

Hey you - no keeping very blue endings for yourself, ask my Teaspoon friends - You don't keep smut from the Diva!! Get it written and posted :P


Author's Response: Will think about it... lots and lots and lots... lol....

2009.08.19 - 05:27AM
1: Chapter 1

*Has updated Forbidden a few times* *Waits for Validation* (Just thought you ought to know as you asked) haha!

*Saves Making Headway in Favourites* Definately something i'm going to read again.... and again.... and again, haha!

Author's Response: I\'ve read it... brilliant as always... and I can\'t believe people call me evil! Been working on a cross between Saw and Hostel involving evil Bad Wolf visitations. Similar nastiness to Forbidden - you\'d be amazed by what Bad Wolf can think of... and me... does this mean that we\'re sick in the head?

2009.08.19 - 12:16AM
3: Chapter 3

As others have said both endings were very good. I do have to admit for a preference to this one though. I loved the bit with the catheter.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed this one more.