Reviews For Making Headway

2009.08.16 - 12:10PM
45: Chapter 45

I agree with the others- the validation thing is so annoying- I just want to read more!!

Jack knew he would never stop loving him. *heart melts*

Author's Response: Hopefully it will be validated soon.

2009.08.16 - 12:10PM
28: Chapter 28

It was cute, the bit with Janet, but he's getting worse.

Author's Response: There is a rapid degeneration from herein.

2009.08.16 - 12:05PM
45: Chapter 45

I agree with clocketpatch I just want to keep reading. I don't think I've got so involved in a story for a long time and I really am desperate to know how it's all going to unfold.

I like Martha's words of wisdom to Jack about making love to the Doctor but I can imagine it must be hard when the person in front of you looks just the same but their memories and perceptions of you and your relationship are skewed.

There are lots more chapters unvalidated so I'm hoping we get them soon. :D

Author's Response: Jack is a very sexual being - until it comes to the Doctor - I dont think he can do it unless the Doctor is there 100% otherwise it is not going to be with the same sanctity that Jack feels when he\'s with the Doctor.

2009.08.16 - 11:57AM
26: Chapter 26

I'm glad Martha talked to him. He's starting to trust her again.

Author's Response: He needs to trust her because he has to help her figure it out.

2009.08.16 - 11:46AM
25: Chapter 25

Poor Doctor. He is so sick and poor Jack. I'm amazed he's holding on as well as he is.

Author's Response: The cracks are beginning to show, but Jack hasn\'t really had time to stop yet.

2009.08.16 - 11:28AM
45: Chapter 45

The most frustrating thing with this story is seeing that there are updates, but not being able to get at them because of the validation. I want to know what happens next!

Also, I love the Doctor's joke about rodents through the rift. It's very him. And the dreams. He's coming back to himself. This makes me happy.

Author's Response: I find it quite frustrating too... used to be only addicted to the writing, now find myself slightly addicted to finding out what you guys think about it as well. Can imagine the Doctor and Luke trying to send rodents through the rift.

2009.08.16 - 11:25AM
45: Chapter 45

Trust the Doctor to literally think he was meant to keep it under his hat! *hugs him*

I'm really enjoying this story - I shall miss it when it's finished.

Author's Response: The end is drawing closer and closer. Glad that you\'re enjoying it.

2009.08.16 - 11:20AM
44: Chapter 44

The Doctor is getting better. This is good. Still there are lines like this:

“I am embarrassing enough thank you very much,” the Doctor remarked flippantly. “I am no jungle king. I am the Lord of Time; the Oncoming Storm,” the Doctor stopped laughing and looked at the puzzle book. “Maybe a bit of drizzle. A damp Sunday afternoon when you were planning a picnic.”

that make me get all teary eyed again. You are a truly brilliant writer, you knowthat right?

Author's Response: Thank you. I appreciate that. Have got shelves and shelves of fics but never had the guts to let anyone read them... this is the second that anyone has read so I\'m relieved it\'s being received positively.

2009.08.16 - 11:16AM
44: Chapter 44

Jack needs to listen to Martha - she's wise and knows whereof she speaks.
I hope the Doctor continues to recover at speed!

Author's Response: The Doctor is healing incredibly quickly.

2009.08.16 - 11:13AM
18: Chapter 18

The Doctor is so confused. This reminds me of when Alan, from Recovery, snuck out of the hospital and went looking for his wife. I hope the Doctor's going to be ok.

Author's Response: I rewatched Recovery on Youtube this morning after one of your previous reviews - balled my eyes out.

2009.08.16 - 10:58AM
16: Chapter 16

But it wasn't Jack's fault or the Doctor's. It's the aliens that tossed the rocks that are to blame for all this.

Author's Response: granite canonballs! lol

2009.08.16 - 10:53AM
15: Chapter 15

This is a really good story. I'm glad the Doctor's coming around but it's really sad that he's in so much pain.

Author's Response: Thank you, the Doctor has a way to go yet.

2009.08.15 - 11:56PM
9: Chapter 9

All those highlights must have totally confused him. Poor Doctor. This is really good!

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying. Thank you

2009.08.15 - 11:45PM
8: Chapter 8

Oh, that isn't good. Poor Doctor. He's really sick.

Author's Response: Yeah it\'s becoming apparent how bad he is here. Thanks for reading and your reviews.

2009.08.15 - 11:21PM
2: Chapter 2

Ok, being hit with stones is better than being hit by truck. (I think that's what Alan was hit by.)

Author's Response: Yeah a van or something. Only seen Recovery once and that was on Youtube - they need to get it out on DVD.