Reviews For Making Headway

2009.08.16 - 07:59PM
47: Chapter 47

The last couple of pears I ate has me convinced the Doctor is right about them! Bring on the bananas!

Both this and the previous chapter were really good. and what was said about the Doctor not asking for what had happened to him was so spot on! It brought back some memories of someone else who had a simular trauma, whenever someone else would exibit impatence with the person I would tell them the same thing.
I was getting nervous about Ianto, but I think he's worried just like everyone else.

I sent the third chapter of "Pollandar" off to my Beta reader so it'll soon be posted, not sure how long the mods will take to validate it.

But I'm really enjoying this story. BTW, I finally got to see "Recovery" on Youtube and I thout David was awesome as Alan in it. Well, what I could see of it through my tears as I watched it.

Author's Response: I\'ll keep an eye out for Pollandar when it comes up. Recovery is excellent but they need to get it out on DVD so can sit on the sofa with hot chocolate and sob my way through it rather than watch it in sections.

2009.08.16 - 06:53PM
47: Chapter 47

The Doctor is absolutely right - pears are sandy!!

It's good to see the Doctor getting more able every chapter but there is still so much of him missing and poor Jack is yearning for that.
I'm glad Ianto and Jack were able to air their differences and still be friends too at the end of it.
Wonderful. *divahugs*

Author's Response: I don\'t like the texture of pears so decided that is why he doesn\'t like them as well - mind you I hate bananas and everything to do with bananas too.

2009.08.16 - 06:51PM
47: Chapter 47

*Squee* loved the last couple of chapters! Bit wary of the potential bad!Ianto possibility though- he's not got it in him to hate the Doctor... right?

Author's Response: I dont think he can hate the Doctor, but certainly Gwen, Ianto, and Mickey have been pretty much left to run Torchwood on their own and he\'s frustrated and has remains jealous of Jack/Doctor.

2009.08.16 - 05:47PM
45: Chapter 45

Oh I love this so much! It is such a charming story. It makes my heart ache, tears, and huge smiles. What a lovely family the Doctor has surrounding him as he tries to find the "Doctor" that everyone remembers. The Doctor that they have now is pretty glorious as well. What a struggle this must put on people, those trying to find themselves and those around them. This is written so well and with such compassion for everyone. I don't want it to end!

Author's Response: There is enough of the Doctor there to make him brilliant, and enough missing to seem like he\'s lost. I\'ve thought it would be quite interesting to keep him like this and have an alien invasion or something that demanded his attention and see how he and everyone else coped with that. Could he still save the day or would be too distracted by what coloured socks he was wearing?

2009.08.16 - 05:37PM
45: Chapter 45

The validating thing is so slow- I reckon theres hardly any mods about nowadays... *pokes forbidden* i've updated it but Whofic hasn't... grrr haha!

Author's Response: Jack and the Doctor in the bath mmmmmmmm

2009.08.16 - 02:49PM
45: Chapter 45

I see there are new chapters but they have to be approved! No fair! I want to see what happens!

I really like the whole Doctor making tea part and how much Jack really loves him.

Author's Response: Glad that you\'re still enjoying, and thank you for all your reviews.

2009.08.16 - 02:37PM
44: Chapter 44

He did all the hard ones? That means he is getting better. (Did I say that I really like this story? I do!)

Author's Response: It doesn\'t technically mean he\'s getting better - it just means different parts of his brain are functioning and others aren\'t. Logic, knowledge, and mathematics are borne of different areas of the brain compared to the creativitiy required to do a dot to dot. He is getting better though rather quickly.

2009.08.16 - 02:27PM
43: Chapter 43

I love Wilf. He's everyone's grandfather. (Though I would have liked the chapter where he took the Doctor outside.)

Author's Response: I liked the chapter but it was a bit self indulgent. Should have seen this before I edited it! It was about three times as long!

2009.08.16 - 02:19PM
42: Chapter 42

I feel so sorry for Jack. What he is going through. *gives you the "Make the Doctor better soon!" look!"

Author's Response: Jack doesn\'t know how to deal with him anymore. He\'s gone from being what Jack sees as the Lonely God and his, to being a three year old.

2009.08.16 - 02:02PM
41: Chapter 41

Sheez, that's better! Don't do that again! *wags figner*

Author's Response: Not that mean and nasty *g*

2009.08.16 - 01:59PM
40: Chapter 40

Ok, that made me cry. But, seeing that I just started reading this and there are more chapters, I need to see what happened!

Author's Response: Definitely mean and nasty.

2009.08.16 - 01:08PM
32: Chapter 32

That was so sad.

Author's Response: I\'m just mean and nasty.

2009.08.16 - 01:05PM
31: Chapter 31

I was waiting for Jack to break. This is really intense!

Author's Response: Keep on having to look back to which chapter the review is about. Regeneration time. Everyone is at breaking point, but it\'s also a turning point.

2009.08.16 - 01:00PM
45: Chapter 45

This was sweet, cute, funny and sad all ta the same time. Wanted to hug both the Doctor and Jack.

Author's Response: I think they both need a huge hug!

2009.08.16 - 01:00PM
45: Chapter 45

My eyes are leaking and my head is hungry because (insert Gallifreyan curse here) the chapter numbers are too slow!
I am so loving this; it is a wonderful blend of science fiction and your work experience. I love Wilf and am kind of enjoying the Doctor as he heals although I know this stage can be dangerous.

Author's Response: He was quite fun to write like this and it could have gone on forever - but everything ends at some point.