Reviews For Making Headway

2009.11.07 - 11:29PM
30: Chapter 30

Rhys came at a bad time, and held the Doctor down and caused a few difficulties.... Even the Doctor knows something is up with him, if only they could figure it out...

Author's Response: Yeah, poor Rhys didn\'t really know what hit (or kicked) him. The reality of it is that it\'s likely only the Doctor who can figure it out... and is he well enough to?

2009.11.07 - 11:03PM
29: Chapter 29

This is nice with Gwen and the Doctor, you cana see how she cares about what happens to him, and how over the years they have developed a relationship...

Author's Response: It will help the Doctor trust more people. He still feels more alone than he ever has, but is coming to trust in them more.

2009.11.07 - 10:35PM
28: Chapter 28

He seems to be getting worse, good thing they got him away from janet...

Author's Response: Janet just wanted to keep him safe and make him better.

2009.11.07 - 10:12PM
26: Chapter 26

Yeah, sounds like he is listen finally, good thing Martha had a talk with him...

Author's Response: It\'s going to take some time for him to come to terms with what is happening but he is starting to realise it\'s him and not the others.

2009.11.07 - 09:51PM
24: Chapter 24

you have to feel bad for the Doctor, he sees the Video of what he done, and you know he does not reemember what he has done...

Author's Response: He had to see it to believe it or he could have continued to try and get out and then it would have been dangerous. It\'s not nice though.

2009.11.07 - 09:45PM
23: Chapter 23

poor Doctor, he is having so much toubel, hope Jack can sort out the police situation...

Author's Response: It\'s probably good that he is on house arrest.

2009.11.07 - 08:21AM
53: Chapter 53

*cries* awww, poor Doctor... loved how jack's stood by him till the end, such a sad ending, yet satisfying....

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you didn\'t find the ending too much.

2009.08.19 - 05:14PM
53: Chapter 53

I read it all, and I think what you did there with the ending was neither hopeless nor unsatisfying. The Doctor may not have recovered, but neither is he dead. Recovery is still a remote possibility, and where there's life...

Also, Jack seems to be coping. He surely misses the Doctor he remembers, but he's not wallowing in misery all the time.

Not hopeless, not unsatisfying... I think that was a brave way to conclude this story. Thanks for sahring it!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review.

2009.08.19 - 11:35AM
53: Chapter 53

Great ending. read the happy version as well and it had it's own charm in that we got to see the doctors viewpoint on the whole thing. I just hope Jack went on to find some happiness with others (though maybe not the bond he had with the doctor) as well as keeping the doctor close and trying to love someone who can never respond.
I imagine that must be the hardest bit of having a loved one in a vegetative state, they are not there but never really gone either.
Thank you again for this story and I will look out for more from you!

Author's Response: I always had in the back on my mind that Jack was going to see him again as the Face of Boe, twice. Once with Rose and once with Martha. I think that somehow kept him going as well, because he does know he\'ll see him and be called the Face of Boe because of the conversation at the Silo. Although that knowledge must have made it harder too. Why the Face of Boe gave a cryptic \'you are not alone\' rather than \'Hoy Doc, watch out Yana is the Master and is going to nick the TARDIS and turn it into a paradox machine, and by the way don\'t walk on the bloody grass\' - is beyond me - guess it\'s just the timey wimey stuff and even Jack has to live by that sometimes.

2009.08.19 - 11:24AM
53: Chapter 53

well written story you had me totally gripped through out, it had everything one minute your story had me anxious, Concerned, relieved, happy worried in tears and then sad. Your story made me feel like I was going through this myself, keep up the story writing I look forward to reading more from you.Many thanks

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. Glad that you enjoyed the story.

2009.08.19 - 05:05AM
53: Chapter 53

I salute you to be so brave that you gave this an 'unhappy ending'. There are not many out there who would do the same. And you're right; life doesn't always work out. I read in another review that you've written a happy ending to this, I'll be waiting in batted breath! You've written a beautiful story.

Author's Response: Thank you. The happy ending is posted under the title \'When a Kiss is not just a Kiss.\' Hope you enjoy x

2009.08.18 - 11:36PM
53: Chapter 53

I didn't realise this was the last chapter - I was getting notifications from Teaspoon as the chapters were validated - and while I was doing something else, so I was unaware this was the last chapter.

I'm immensely impressed that you dared to leave the Doctor a vegetable - it's a very brave choice to have made, but I am *so* gutted that you did that, and that he didn't either recover or regenerate.

Congratulations on writing such a powerful and emotive story, and please excuse me while I go find some more tissues.

Author's Response: Thank you, and thank you for your reviews throughout.

2009.08.18 - 07:54PM
1: Chapter 1

This was wonderful, beautiful and sad . . . just like life. Even though I am sad that the Doctor did not recover, I love that Jack never gave up on him, and is continuing to take care of him. That kind of loyalty is completely in character for Jack, especially where the Doctor is concerned. Good fiction follows the story to a logical conclusion, whether it is how we would want the story to end or not. Well done!

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed the story and thank you for your review.

2009.08.18 - 06:59PM
53: Chapter 53

I love you right now for putting up the sad ending. Just thought you might like to know that. That Jack is still with him hundreds of years later is a very big thing.

Author's Response: Thank you. Jack would never have abandonned him and I think he is still hoping.

2009.08.18 - 05:51PM
53: Chapter 53

My Kleenex supply is officially depleted, that said, I think you made the right choice with this ending. I was hoping for the happy fix-it, but this is more realistic, and it was what I was expecting. That doesn't make it any less devastating, especially after the Doctor's apparent miraculous recovery a few chapters back. Unfortunately miracles don't always stick in real life, but still, all those extra hours -

I feel so bad for the Doctor, trapped in that state, knowing, if he has any awareness left to know, that he is not himself, and not knowing why, or what he was (I re-read the first few chapters while waiting for validation, and the contrast between health and sickness is so extreme, so heartbreaking). At least he has Jack. That's a level of care and loyalty I can scarcely imagine the logistics of. (One question, where is the TARDIS two hundred years in the future? I get the impression that Jack would make sure to keep the old girl close to her Time Lord, always)

I give you a standing ovation for taking the hard path with this story, and for bringing light to an issue that I was only vaguely aware of. While I've not been directly effected by brain injury, I have watched friends and close family members battle with mental illness. It's not the same, but certain parts of this story struck uncomfortably close to home as a result. Sometimes people don't get better. You just have to learn to love them as they are and preserve.

I'm going to see now about making a donation to a related charity as well. One thing is for certain: I'm always wearing my helmet in the future, and I'm always going to be careful before walking on the grass.

Author's Response: Definitely wear your helmet! I wouldn\'t worry too much about the grass though lol. The TARDIS is parked in the corner of the Doctor\'s room. Should have seen the hastle of getting her out of the hub and into the penthouse!