Reviews For Making Headway

2009.08.04 - 12:52PM
20: Chapter 20

Belss Mickey! he really is a sweetheart!

Author's Response: yeah he is.

2009.08.04 - 12:45PM
1: Chapter 1

Charming groups of Chapters: I thought Mickey's character became more and more attractive as he got away from Rose and Ten, and that shows here. Sweetness and class and understated intelligence.

Author's Response: I like Mickey. Think he has changed the most over the four series. Going from clinging to Rose\'s leg with the Nestene Consciousness to holding a gun on Davros. Always worries me that it\'s not a choice that he would have made. Imagine him being a sports physio or something otherwise.

Author's Response: Although it was only the interruption of his \"nice\" life with Rose and the garage that spurred him on. Maybe he would have stayed on the Powell Estate forever?

2009.08.04 - 12:31PM
21: Chapter 21

Ohh I have been waiting for these chapters to appear. I wish teaspoon would update faster.

And don't feel bad at all about me wanting to talk to a professional as a result of reading this story. Going to talk to someone is about self discovery and for no other reason so I don't think it's a bad thing.

Author's Response: Cool. Hope the chapters were worth the wait.

2009.08.04 - 10:52AM
1: Chapter 1

First I have to say that this is a very interesting and compelling story. Brain injury is a tricky thing and I hope the Doctor will come through it all right.

Second, this story has me feeling very odd right now. You see when I was born forty years ago I was taken using forceps. My skull was depressed causing some minor brain damage.

Now I am very fortunate. I have a loving supportive family and the difficulties I have had to deal with are nothing compared to what you are writing about here.

However that being said, I guess I have never really thought too much about psychological aspects of brain damage until I read your story. The physical aspects tend to be a bit more obvious and unlike someone who lived a before and after I have always just been the way I have been. Now I wonder how much of the social and psychological difficulties I have had in the past were related to the brain damage and how much were just normal.

Not that it really matters I suppose, considering I am forty and I think I have managed fairly well in my life so far, but you've got me curious now.

What kind of a professional would you talk to about that sort of thing I wonder?

And I have to apologize for I just realized that I have in essence said your fic has made me need to seek professorial help. (Giggle) I have to say I meant that in the nicest way possible.

Keep up the excellent writing. :)

Author's Response: Blimey :) What is normal? How much of our cognition and behaviour is linked genetics, acquired defect, or environment. I think that is an age old debate isn\'t it and one that has never truly been answered. I am not sure whether to apologise or not about raising questions with regards your own circumstances, so I\'ll just say I\'m glad you\'re finding the story interesting and if you do seek professional help I hope it goes okay! Kx

2009.08.03 - 07:10PM
19: Chapter 19

I just want to make sure that is all the chapter. And if it is, Mickey to the rescue :P Things will either go very good, or very bad with that.

Author's Response: It is all the chapter. Put four up but only one validated so far. Mickey\'s heart is in the right place anyway.

2009.08.03 - 11:13AM
19: Chapter 19

Eee go Mickey go!!

Author's Response: Mickey is underrated and under used.

2009.08.03 - 11:04AM
19: Chapter 19

Aha! Martha forgot Mickey was still out there!

Author's Response: Just as well he\'s always late for work!

2009.08.02 - 06:31PM
1: Chapter 1

My heart aches for Jack; but brain damaged Time Lord who thinks humans are hurting him on the loose? That's a big and dangerous gamble; you got hooked.

Author's Response: It\'s a big gamble, and it could be dangerous yeah.

2009.08.02 - 06:05PM
18: Chapter 18

Aww poor Doctor, he must be feeling seriously confused right now, but surely the man's story would've helped, even if only a little... I just hope Jack and the others can convince the Doctor soon that he can trust them.

A great read as ever- can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you. The man\'s story is a start. Over the next few chapters the Doctor will be convinced, but not sure if that is initially better for him or not.

2009.08.02 - 05:36PM
18: Chapter 18

That man's story should be enough to convince the Doctor that Martha and jack are telling the truth. but with the head trauma, i guess it will take more than that.

Author's Response: It is a start, but it is easier for the Doctor to blame Torchwood and those associated with it than to acknowledge the alternative.

2009.08.02 - 05:35PM
17: Chapter 17

Jack might be on to something

Author's Response: Jack can\'t bare the Doctor not trusting him and thinking he is keeping him prisoner. It is all he can do to let him go and hope he will come back in one piece.

2009.08.02 - 05:33PM
16: Chapter 16

Jack should not feel responsible for what happened. He wasn't the one throwing the stones.

Author's Response: It is the idiocy and simplicity of the initial incident (walking on the grass), that hits Jack here.

2009.08.02 - 04:15PM
15: Chapter 15

I'm not upset at the story at all, I think it's brilliant and thought provoking. To get a picture into everyone's heads of what not only the Doctor is going through but what Martha, Jack and everybody welse around him are going through. Thank you for your kind remarks for my dad, but he died in March of 2008 and is at peace. But I have more insight into into this subject because if what he and my mom whent through.
I will keep you in my prayers and keep writing!

Author's Response: xx

2009.08.02 - 12:33PM
1: Chapter 1

Loving but cringing at this story. I work with brain injured people, they do become violent and foul-- because they are frightened and confused. Certain brain damage is not reversable!! -- if your Doctor has actual damage and his amnesia is not emotional, then will he ever regain his memory? He will grow to resent Martha and Jack all the more because he knows he's hurting them but he doesn't understnad why--but being a Time Lord he can feel it. This can only end in a lot tears; Poor Martha being called every name but a child of god, Can't imagine the Doctor at his worst treating any woman like that, but then again he was always insensitive and unforgiving of Martha even when he 'liked' her, and the damage takes away his restraint and he can vent his dislike. At least now Martha has Tom and as a Doctor she understands-- But poor Jack, to have his partner so unloving and without trust, it must be hell for him, especially the prospect that his partner may not get better and Jack is loving, to have his heart broken--I feel for poor Jack.

Author's Response: I\'m not sure the Doctor\'s dislike of Martha is personal, but he has become fixed on her being Torchwood. The Doctor has a long way to go yet.

2009.08.02 - 11:44AM
1: Chapter 1

I've just read the whole story so far in one sitting. Your characterisations are really good and I felt so sad for Jack in the last chapter that I cried. It must be so frightening to not know the people around you and to have so little control over what happens to you. I've favourited this and I am looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad that you\'re enjoying.