Reviews For Making Headway

2009.08.13 - 05:13PM
34: Chapter 34

This was sad because he seems be getting worse.

Author's Response: It\'s definitely getting more urgent now.

2009.08.11 - 09:40PM
33: Chapter 33

That was-- so-- nice. Needed tissues.

Author's Response: Thought there was a need for a little fluffiness. Thanks as always for your comments.

2009.08.11 - 04:23PM
33: Chapter 33

It's good to see this sorted, for both their sakes'. Also, the mental image of them snuggling is more than adorable.

Author's Response: At least he knows he belongs there now and why Jack feels like slippers.

2009.08.11 - 12:25PM
33: Chapter 33

Nice to see there's a bit of understanding here.

Author's Response: It\'s definitely a learning curve for all involved. And he didn\'t freak out when he found out he was bonded to Jack so that is something.

2009.08.11 - 11:29AM
33: Chapter 33

*Hopes this indicates that the Doctor's going to start recovering soon...*

Author's Response: Heres to hoping! It means he will be more comfortable in Torchwood anyway and more willing to help figure out what is wrong.

2009.08.10 - 01:35AM
32: Chapter 32

Oh, I am very much enjoying. It is absolutely heart-wrenching, and you have very clean-cut way of writing through that. The bakery scene really got to me, because I've been in that position (sort of), and damn if Mickey doesn't deserve a medal for dealing so well. You say this is recovery (maybe), and I really, really do hope that maybe comes to pass. Or at least that they all learn to cope with what is. Anyways, looking forward to the next bit, whenever it comes. This fic is officially on my watch-list.

Author's Response: Just waiting for validation on the next bit. Thank you for your comments. They really are appreciated.

2009.08.09 - 11:10PM
9: Chapter 9

Summaries of this show highlight just how mad it really is. This story is excellent thus far, really, really excellent; I nearly panicked after accidentally closing my browser window and not immediately being able to find it.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. The events of S3 and S4 aren\'t ideal for convincing someone they\'s lost their memory! Glad that you\'re enjoying the story so far.

2009.08.08 - 06:12PM
31: Chapter 31

“You can’t Jack,” the Doctor whispered. “You’re like slippers.”

That one line tore my heart right out of my chest.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment.

2009.08.08 - 04:16PM
32: Chapter 32

Guess it would ;o)

Author's Response: Yep *g*

2009.08.08 - 09:45AM
32: Chapter 32

This was painful reading to see bith Jack and the Doctor so broken. I wonder if things will ever go back to normal for them.

Author's Response: Now that would be telling wouldn\'t it?

2009.08.08 - 09:16AM
32: Chapter 32

I found it difficult to read this through the tears both for Jack and for the Doctor. Good writing but pretty harrowing to read.

Author's Response: Sorry.

2009.08.08 - 05:16AM
32: Chapter 32

I hope that someone soon works out what's wrong with the Doctor and he can begin healing as I don't think I can stand much more of this!

Author's Response: Sorry *g*, nicer chapter coming next - promise.

2009.08.08 - 02:10AM
32: Chapter 32

Part of this sounds like I'm at work... but that was just heart wrenching-- Poor Jack. The Doctor may never regain those four years. It will be hard trying move on from there, because in a way it's as if that Doctor had died. I adore Rhys, He's one in a million.

Author's Response: I\'ve worked with young adults with head injuries. I now work in a detention centre with the associated problems with self harm, suicide, and mental health. Maybe it would have been easier if the Doctor had died for those around him, although Jack will always love and cherish whatever is left of the Doctor.

2009.08.07 - 06:07PM
28: Chapter 28

Poor Jack. He loves the Doctor so much and he doesn't remember what they have together. And now he's deteriorating physically. Looking forward to the next chapters.

Author's Response: It\'s going to get harder for Jack - think I am just mean ha ha.

2009.08.07 - 02:58PM
28: Chapter 28

Awwwwww the last two lines had me pouting, poor ole Jack :( Poor Doctor for getting worse... I love Janet! Epic Weevil :P Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Always got to have a weevil ha ha.