Reviews For Good Morning

2009.07.26 - 12:13AM
1: Good Morning

I enjoy fluff and this certainly didn't disappoint!!! So cute! Loved it! xxx

Author's Response: Hihi, good to know, thank you very much!

2009.07.24 - 11:38AM
1: Good Morning

If I had him to wake up to, all day would be spent as 'morning' let me tell ya!
Fluff is what I write best too. And humour. So don't worry (If you were worried) cos fluff is flufftastic! As was this x

Author's Response: Nah, it\'s more me I\'m worried about... I haven\'t written pure, silly and harmless fluff in ages *laughs* Normally my stories have at least a P12/P14 rating ;) I\'m glad you liked it. And making a morning of the whole day is probably a very good idea when you have such a man at your side *g*

2009.07.24 - 11:26AM
1: Good Morning

Gah, that was lovely. Sigh. I wish I had him to wake up to every morning. Purrrrr!

Author's Response: *sighs too* Who doesn\'t wish for that? ;) Thanks for your review!

2009.07.24 - 01:54AM
1: Good Morning

Sighing very happily here.... lovely lovely lovely!!!

Author's Response: Thank you - it\'s good to know that I\'ve obviously done something right ;)

2009.07.24 - 12:59AM
1: Good Morning

Oh, cuteness took a train to my face and made me smile like an idiot!!!! Molto bene!

Author's Response: See, that#s the best thing about writing - when you make people smile :) Thank you!