2009.07.26 - 12:24AM
1: About Truth And Love

So lovely! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you!

2009.07.24 - 04:44PM
1: About Truth And Love

Yes, truth and love is what it's all about. And what a beautiful way of showing it.
Very well written, I read this three times over I enjoyed it so much.
GG xx

Author's Response: There are more stories, you know, you don\'t have to read it so often *g* No, seriously, I\'m really happy that you liked it. I wasn\'t so sure about this story at all, I thought it might be \"too much\". Thanks for your review! :)

2009.07.24 - 01:12AM
1: About Truth And Love

That was stunning....I was completely gripped by this predictament and found it utterly believable...sigh....what I wouldn't do to be invisible in his bed!!!

Author's Response: Ah, but being invisible would take all the fun out of it, wouldn\'t it? *g* I would prefer being visible - him and me, that is ;) Thank you for your review! :)