Reviews For Prism

2010.05.27 - 09:30AM
15: Dance

Fantastic! This was so like watching an episode from the canon -- intriguing, twisty, clearly well-prepared plot, good character moments and strong character voices. Couldn't help but feel sorry for brunette Rose, although she clearly finds herself at home with the Wraiths in the end. Love the conversation about the "Dance" at the end - lovely banter. It's unusual to read a story that is so richly plot-driven (without lacking attention to characterization). This is a fast-paced romp, delightful and satisfying. I'd love to see a sequel, myself. What DOES happen in a hundred or two-hundred years? Seems like the setting of another rich tale. :) Either way, thanks for writing this. Very much enjoyed!

2007.07.30 - 05:22AM
5: Mystery

Here's to her being changed so much that she has a hefty can't blame me for hoping. Very original.

2005.09.14 - 12:34PM
15: Dance

Excellent - the sort of standard you would expect to see in print. By the way, 15 chapters didn't seem very long - just about right

Author's Response: Thanks :-). In print? Well, maybe one day... I can dream.

2005.07.18 - 10:36AM
15: Dance

What a stunning and satisfying conclusion - I'm sad that there's no more, but I loved every bit of what there was. This is seriously one of my very favorite fics ever, in any fandom.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :-).

2005.07.16 - 07:06PM
15: Dance

Finished! Fantastic story, well worth reading, you definitely have talent. Loved every moment of this story, look forward to reading more from you. By the way, I keep meaning to ask, Wraiths - are you a Stargate Atlantis fan by any chance?

Author's Response: Funny thing - I've never seen a single episode. It's on Sky TV and I can only get BBC, ITV1 and C4. Loved SG1, though! O'Neill gets the best one-liners... :-)

2005.07.16 - 02:01PM
15: Dance

*applauds, cheers, dances* Yay! Great fiction, amazing characterisation and a wondiferous writing style, as usual. Kudos to you! =)

Author's Response: Thank you! :-).

2005.07.16 - 12:57PM
15: Dance

Loved it :) I've not read anything like this... the original, involved storyline and so well written that I could picture it all as I was reading. The way the Wraiths communicated reminded me of Solaris, I particularly liked that. *cheers and applause*

Author's Response: Aha! I have finally seen Solaris (Sep 05) and I guess it is kind of similar...

2005.07.16 - 08:49AM
15: Dance

I'm so incredibly glad I found this. Just a lovely lovely job, and it's so wonderful to find a story that takes such care in crafting the plot. Really genuinely wonderful, and I love the sequences inside Rose's mind. You really got how scattered it is in there, and hard to focus. Lovely dynamics between the TARDIS crew, particularly Rose and the Doctor's complicated relationship. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was worried about the dream sequences being confusing, but I couldn't resist... :-).

2005.07.16 - 08:36AM
15: Dance

That was, to borrow a phrase, fantastic! Thank you for a very well-written, in character episode. Yes, episode. Can easily see that as being a script they didn't have the budget to film. Anyway, thank you for 15 chapters of well-written, well-plotted fic.

Author's Response: An 'episode'! That's the ultimate compliment. Thank you! :-).

2005.07.12 - 05:52AM
12: Visitor

More soon ay?

Author's Response: Mm. Might take a few days. Someone's finally decided to employ me. Mailshot temping. Sigh.

2005.07.11 - 01:07PM
12: Visitor

Wow, I know I asked for more, but that was quick.. *tries again* More? Hehe.

2005.07.11 - 12:47PM
11: Dreamer

*squeeeeee* How cool! More more more more! *dances*

2005.07.11 - 06:32AM
10: Truth

Another brilliant chapter, can't wait for the next installment.

2005.07.11 - 05:06AM
10: Truth

this is frelling cool :)

2005.07.10 - 08:50AM
9: Light

Fantastic, you've got the characterizations spot on. Please write more soon...

Author's Response: I'm on it!