Reviews For Almzedi

2009.07.21 - 10:19AM
1: Chapter 1

LMAO, technically Gallifreyans are well behaved because they're loomed fully grown; but I so much love your Doctor, he sounds like Mister Spock here telling Francine Gallifreyans babies are well behaved. Always like the sight, sexist or not of a man trying to cope with a baby! Good start.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I\'m female and would have exactly the same problems as the Doctor is having! I am afraid I am one of these New Who fans, but I have made the effort of slowly reading through the Classic stuff. I am never sure what is Canon or not. I have read about the Pythia curse and Rassilon and the looms but don\'t quite know where it all fits in. So thank you.