Reviews For Almzedi

2010.01.17 - 05:04PM
12: Chapter 12

Works well with or without the last chapter... but Jack would certainly have done that if he had to :)

Author's Response: He had to do it really, glad you read and thnks for your review.

2009.12.18 - 02:49PM
12: Chapter 12

very good story!

Author's Response: Thank you, and thanks for your review.

2009.10.29 - 08:14AM
12: Chapter 12

you have no idea how glad i am that jack went back and changed it with the vortex manipulator! i think i almost died of shock.......

Author's Response: Well you should have known it wouldn\'t be fluffy all the way through!!!

2009.10.26 - 01:21PM
12: Chapter 12

Oh thank goodness. I couldn't have stood it if you'd left it without that option extra chapter. That was just too grim and horrible after so much fluffiness in the early chapters.

Author's Response: Well it couldn\'t have been nice and fluffy all the way through could it really????

2009.10.26 - 12:25PM
9: Chapter 9

Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! Not that bastard!!

Author's Response: yup...

2009.10.26 - 11:30AM
3: Chapter 3

Now why aren't I surprised that it's Martha who talks him into going back for Almzedi? That's her all over...

Author's Response: He needs him

2009.10.26 - 10:53AM
1: Chapter 1

*giggles madly* Oh I'm going to enjoy this. And I LOVE Francine's reaction! :D

Author's Response: Francine took great pleasure in the Doctor\'s inability to care for a baby. Thanks for your review on this too!!!

2009.10.15 - 10:18PM
11: Chapter 11

Huh? Remember the whole thing a Time Lord within the first 15 hours of a regeneration cycle can heal himself...Christmas invasion, hand getting cut off...

Author's Response: I have considered that... but, I also recall that was after a neural inversion that left him incapacitated for several hours and after he had been woken too soon... he\'s had no time to rest... or adjust regenerating during a crisis rather than a the end of one I also considered that a severed hand although nasty and serious is not as immediately fatal as a gunshot and so went with it...

2009.08.18 - 01:16PM
12: Chapter 12

I didn't find it overly cop-outy, not when it was set up with the bees and everything. Besides, it would have been far too depressing otherwise, especially after all of that fluffiness. You're a very good writer, contrasting the best and worst of life, making both more intense in the process. Usually I see baby!fic and I run away screaming, but this kept me captivated for 12 chapters. Hats off to you! if the mods would just finish up validating your other story...

Author's Response: Dont normally do baby fics either - especially not writing them! Almzedi is actually a character in one that haven\'t finished editting yet where he gives him up the same as in this one... but then the Timelines get screwed up and he ends up meeting him again at twenty one without having a chance to go back to get him or to break the bond. This was just an experiment to see what would happen if he kept him. Glad that you enjoyed.

Author's Response: It was a cop out though ha ha.

2009.08.18 - 12:24PM
9: Chapter 9

Well, /that's/ not good. Meep.

Author's Response: Well it can\'t be fluffy all the way through!

2009.08.17 - 10:58PM
12: Chapter 12

^^ I read the optional part and thought "Oh good. I'll just skip it next time I read the story."

Pain of death can be a big motivator :P

Author's Response: I thought so.

2009.08.17 - 10:56PM
5: Chapter 5

Awwww. You know, your other fic rips me all to pieces, but this one just sews me back up. It's so cute, and sweet, and hopeful.

Author's Response: Thanks. Other fic has last chapters waiting to go - just as well we\'re all online or I think I\'d be lynched.

2009.08.17 - 11:16AM
12: Chapter 12

I'd rather a good death scene than a cop out saving at the last minute. Too Deus Ex Machina for my tastes. The rest of the fic I loved though. This ending makes the sacrifices made meaningless.

Author's Response: I actually agree with you on that. Last chapter is optional and I prefer it without but wrote the last chapter on pain of my own death lol.

2009.08.17 - 01:09AM
1: Chapter 1

"He laid the baby down and used the sonic screwdriver to secure another nappy."

lol, only the Doctor would think to use a screwdriver to change a nappy.

Author's Response: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

2009.08.15 - 10:37PM
12: Chapter 12

I really liked reading this and I am so glad you changed the ending. (Don't ever do that again! :) )

Author's Response: Thank you for your reviews. I\'m glad you enjoyed the story.