Reviews For Almzedi

2016.01.08 - 09:45PM
1: Chapter 1

This story is amazing. As are all your stories. I absolutely adore your writing. Thank you for sharing it with us. Please keep publishing!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time to review.

2014.05.17 - 09:47AM
12: Chapter 12

Read the whole thing at a go... baby!fic isn't typically my thing, but you are SOO good. And it may have been a cop-out, but at least it was a well set up cop-out that actually worked and made sense and saved me having to hurt you for leaving it all 13 years in the future with everybody's partners and babies dead. Too much angst after all the luvvins!!

And seriously, Jack would have figured something out in the end... the bee queen said the manipulator was only blocked, he'd have got it working and changed things eventually regardless. Even the Doctor knows that some things can be changed!

Author's Response: The ending is a cop out, but couldn\'t have left it with everyone dead at the end, that would have been unfair. Glad that you enjoyed and yeah, not sure where the baby!fic came from because it\'s not my thing either!

2014.05.17 - 09:43AM
11: Chapter 11

Um... I seriously would have had to track you down and visit great bodily harm upon your person if you had left it like this. I like my endings fluffy. :P This was awesome, mind, but yeah. Fluff required.

Author's Response: Lol, some fluff is allowed, but not all the time.

2014.05.17 - 08:30AM
4: Chapter 4

Tolja, Doc. ;) Silly git, think you can initiate a telepathic bond with a baby and then just leave. Great big outer space dumbo.

Author's Response: he is a silly git.

2014.05.17 - 08:11AM
2: Chapter 2

Oh, Doctor, dear Doctor, I hate to burst your bubble, but it is waaaaaay too late for you to ever think you're going to get away with giving that boy to another family and sailing away forever in your TARDIS. You called him son and had to consciously decide to leave him screaming while you dealt with an emergency, and found yourself crying just as hard as he was after.

You, my dear sir, are well and truly hooked.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is hooked. I don\'t think he saw that coming.

2011.10.23 - 08:32AM
12: Chapter 12

I read the whole story at one go. Just brilliant. A t first almost too fluffy, especially with Jack, the Doctor and all of Torchwood raising A. Chapter 11 is heartrending, but rings true. Would have liked to have a Chapter 12 not so hopeful, although I would love to have more on Almzedi

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the story. I am not entirely sure about the last chapter myself, but I am fairly sure I\'d have been lynched if I\'d left it as it was at the end of chapter eleven, but I kind of see this chapter as an alternative - fix it if you want to.

2011.09.21 - 08:31PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh my Jelly Babies! How totally AWESOME is this! Just started the first chapter awhile ago, but went to eat dinner and watch the "Dr. Who: The Keeper of Traken" DVD I got in the mail from Netflix and didn't get a chance to continue. I'll probably pick up where I left off tomorrow. It's getting kind of late, around 9:28 I suppose, so I'm just going to pop off to bed and read tomorrow. My school has an early dismissal tomorrow, so I can't wait! A three day weekend! Woo-hoo! I've never read such a sad and wonderful story. I hope your progress with "Terminal Decay" is coming along nicely. Keep going! 880 chapters...phew! You. Are. Good.

Author's Response: Hope that you made the most of getting out of school a day early. Keeper of Traken is not one that I have seen yet, is it any good? I am trying to slowly work through the old ones, but dont ever seem to have the time.

2010.11.26 - 11:16PM
11: Chapter 11

Actually, I do kind of appreciate this ending a bit more. I love the way with your stories that you don't know if they are going to end positive or negative. This ending was a killer, and I do admit that the thirteenth chapter, I don't know, took away a bit of it? I liked how you did with your other story, Making Headway, that while you did do a positive ending, it was almost like one of those 'chose your own adventure' storylines and not as if it was set in stone, the ending. Overall, just fab, I loved the story line, and I do admit, I LOVE the way you write TenxJack.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading this as well lol. I am in agreement with the \'bad\' ending being the better way to end it. God it seems like a lifetime ago that I posted this, first story that I dared to put on Teaspoon. Glad that you like Ten/Jack. Think it\'s nice that Ten kind of allows Jack to look after him every now and then.

2010.11.26 - 09:27PM
8: Chapter 8

“And two hearts,” Almzedi grinned, “one for me and one for Jack-dad.”

SUCH AN ADORABLE LINE. And I love how he calls people 'stupid apes' :D

Author's Response: Almzedi is a little bugger lol, but he has his moments.

2010.11.26 - 08:44PM
3: Chapter 3

I do kind of agree with the Doctor about how it'd break the adoptive-parents. I'm adopted myself, and I know that my adoptive-parents were really excited about finally having a child.

Author's Response: It is hard for him to know what the best thing for him to do is.

2010.08.20 - 01:48PM
12: Chapter 12

Brilliant as always! Contact me about project galifrey please. My pc has crashed.
Emai available.

Author's Response: Thanks lol.

2010.04.25 - 07:42PM
12: Chapter 12

I've loved your other stories so I desided to read this one through. Thank you so much for that last chapter. I may have had to hurt you if you had left it at eleven chapters. I guess I'm just a sucker for a happy ending.

Author's Response: Glad that you read it. Seems like this is ages old now lol. The last chapter is definitely optional. You know me... not always going to give you the happy ending... and sometimes there may not be an alternative.

2010.04.09 - 02:04AM
12: Chapter 12

Aww. :) I am rather glad you decided to not leave it off thirteen years into the future. Almzedi is just too cute.

Author's Response: I don\'t think I would have got a way with leaving them all dead.

2010.04.09 - 01:18AM
9: Chapter 9

Gallifreyan roses in his garden . . . they sound familiar to me, but I can't quite remember why. Hmm. Loving the suspense!

Author's Response: Things start to get more difficult.

2010.01.22 - 01:18PM
12: Chapter 12

Aww, so sweet. I had a teacher called Mr. Tanner. That's kind of freaky...O.o

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. My secondary school headmaster was called Mr. Tanner. He was a lot grumpier than this one though lol.