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2006.05.30 - 03:45AM
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I wonder if, perhaps, Tegan will reach the end of the mystery before Thete and Turlough pass the half-way mark?

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2005.12.15 - 05:54PM
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Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-D I promise it won\'t take me another year for part seven!

2005.12.11 - 07:20AM
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Author's Response: Bwahaha, well I took my good time about it as I promised you this chapter ages ago but it will go on! I don\'t think it\'ll ever leave me alone until I finish it! Thanks!

2005.12.09 - 11:40AM
6: Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Thank you for continuing this fascinating story. I feel as though I am in old New Orleans while reading it. You've captured the setting and characters so well!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really tried for that feeling, that atmosphere that I just love about the place and am pleased as punch that it\'s coming through! :-) Bless your heart for reading and commenting cos I thought to myself \'Er, am I actually going to have anyone left reading after almost a year between chapters?!\' LOL! Hugs!

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Author's Response: Ooh, that was my favorite scene to write, and you can just tell I slaved over the details! ;-) I\'m so glad I haven\'t lost my readers out there and -yikes- I\'ve noticed it\'s been nearly a year between chapters! I won\'t let that happen again; I\'m determined to finish this baby up! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Hugs!

2005.01.21 - 11:45AM
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2005.01.18 - 01:43PM
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Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's much heartening (and quite good for my already healthy ego, heh ;-)) to see readers coming back for more and leaving such marvelous comments! Cheers!

2005.01.18 - 01:35PM
5: The Dancers and the Dance

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Author's Response: Ta muchly! to have readers coming back with such interest is really the greatest compliment! Cheers!

2005.01.09 - 09:00PM
4: A Dangling Conversation

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2005.01.08 - 03:36PM
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Mouth on Legs
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