Reviews For Possession

2009.10.11 - 02:25AM
6: Chapter 6

I haven't read this one in a while but its still a very satisfying tale and not just for the Doctor and Rose (Giggle). Well done Marie.

Author's Response: thanks, I\'m licking my wounds a bit on a review for a different story, LOL - I\'m so happy I did this one right!

2009.07.03 - 07:38PM
6: Chapter 6

That was wonderful and really very hot.

Will be looking forward to more from you...*goes looking*

Author's Response: thanks! For pure smut with no redeeming value, Sweet Rose is short and to the point, LOL

2009.07.03 - 07:02PM
6: Chapter 6

I would so love to be possessed by him!!!!
Great work sis.

Author's Response: I\'d love to be possessed by him too, even though I am a Ten girl at heart. Maybe I could be possessed by Nine THEN Ten?? Well it\'s a fantasy, LOL

2009.07.03 - 06:53PM
5: Chapter 5

I love your hot, sexy, needy Nine!!!!
Ten as you know is MY Doctor but Nine is a very close second.
Gotta go find myself a fan now eveny though it's winter here and freezing cold - I'm burning up after that!!!! ;-)

Author's Response: you are one of my favorite reviewers :) and I\'m so happy you enjoyed, sis

2009.07.03 - 04:12AM
6: Chapter 6

Hee. Many, many long hours. *smiles*

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it :)

2009.07.01 - 02:45PM
5: Chapter 5

Well feel like I should go and shower now - it's very hot here.
Nine is not my Doctor but you made him very sexy and very very hot.
And of course this is not the end...*goes off to find a fan to use judiciously during the reread*

Author's Response: and here I was worried you wouldn\'t think it was sexy enough ;)

2009.07.01 - 10:17AM
5: Chapter 5

Ditto on possessive Nine with a dash of self-loathing that Rose completely washes away. A rebirth for both of them. Excellent!

Author's Response: thank you. I really feel that he became a better person because of her.

2009.06.30 - 06:14PM
5: Chapter 5

Possessive Nine is one of my absolute favourites, but only if he's written with a dash of honest to goodness true love for Rose too - and in this fic he is.

*is happy* :)

Author's Response: then I\'ve done my job, thank you, that means a lot.

2009.06.29 - 08:43PM
4: Chapter 4

Guh...(drools out side of mouf). (Needs oxygen for revival...)

Author's Response: LMAO, thank you! I felt all giddy while writing it so I\'m happy to see you enjoyed.

2009.06.29 - 06:22AM
4: Chapter 4

I join the others in telling you how evil you are to leave us waiting there!!!!
Lovely, hot Nine - just how I like him and you write him soooooo well!!!!!
More soon sis? xxxxxx

Author's Response: thanks for the review, sis :) I\'m working on it now - more soon!

2009.06.29 - 02:30AM
4: Chapter 4

The urgency he has for her is very, very hot.

Author's Response: and that is just the way we like it, right? ;)

2009.06.29 - 02:25AM
3: Chapter 3

Oh, that got my heart racing, that did. *runs off to read chapter four*

Author's Response: thanks, mine was racing as I wrote it!

2009.06.28 - 08:01PM
4: Chapter 4

Oh, you truly are an evil person stopping us just there. (And watch out for the Diva- she explodes if you keep her waiting for smut too long. I had to write smut into my last chapter just to keep her at bay!) Joining all the others in eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Author's Response: oh gee, now I really HAVE to work on the next chapter soon, LOL - like I need an excuse! ;-P

2009.06.28 - 05:31PM
4: Chapter 4

This is wonderfully delicious smut. More Nine/Rose please!!!

Author's Response: why thank you, I\'m happy to please :)

2009.06.28 - 04:46PM
4: Chapter 4

Oh you can't stop there! More soon!

Author's Response: as soon as my depraved little mind can think it up, promise!!