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awww! re;y like the last one and the first one; i can just see him doing that;)

Author's Response: How much do you love Ianto?! LOADS! :D

2009.12.03 - 07:48AM
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yeah i can. theyve blocked bebo n youtube t my school but not whofic which is good. my computer fucked up on ma so im relyin on these now!

Author's Response: DUDE THAT SUCKS! D: Bloomin\' school. D=<

2009.10.31 - 10:44AM
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wen i 1st read this wayy back in June, I was in skool doin coursework n evrone was strin as i burst out laughin!!!

Author's Response: I am glad I made you lolz! :D BUT YOU CAN GET ON WHOFIC AT SCHOOL? :D Mine\'s blocked it because apparently it\'s \'pornography\'. Lolz. XD

2009.09.19 - 04:41AM
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Is number 3 even possible????????

Author's Response: With Jack and sex, anything is possible. XD

2009.07.26 - 06:08PM
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Hahaha! I can't believe I didn't review this before *slaps self* and just as we were saying about reviewing on msn haha!

'Even the sight of Jack sprawled, naked and wanting, across the bed would not sway Ianto’s mind.'

Christ that would sway my mind in an instant.

Loved this lots! Hilarious yet sobering at the end... if that makes any sense? Leaves me feeling happy anyways. :P

Author's Response: It\'s spooky how msn forces you to this website. XD And I am so with you there. Ianto must have the self-control of a PLATYPUS! And it does make sense. I\'m glad you enjoyed it Jess. xxxx

2009.07.18 - 11:21AM
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Ok, that really is funny, except the end, which is sad and very poignant. ;] LOVE IT! *Adds to faves*

Author's Response: AND I LOVE YOU! :D It made it to the faves? *blush/squee* xxxxxxxxxxxx

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at 3 i laughed my head off. 4 was soo funny. 5 lmao! Mnkey??
at six i had to just say "AWWWW"

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed kerriangel! Thanks for the R&Ring. xxx

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Snarky and hurt/comfort all at once. Very nice.

Author's Response: Thanks Otrame! Glad it seems to have come out alright. Oh, and thanks for R&Ring! xxx

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The first 5 made me laugh. The last one almost made me cry. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks. I\'m glad the emotions came out right! Also thanks for R&Ring. xxx

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I giggled like a loonie, but the last one made me go 'Aw, bless!' I love the way you can make the reader feel two different emotions in one fic! *applauds*

Author's Response: Thanks heather; my first applause! I\'m glad this worked for you, and thanks for R&Ring, as ever! xxx

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I liked this, because I believe that Ianto DOES know everything, so lying to him is pointless.

Author's Response: It\'s true; Jack\'s just a bit slow on the uptake. HE KNOWS DAMMIT! Thanks for R&Ring. xxx

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Author's Response: Yay, I got an awww! Thanks for R&Ring, as always. xxxx