Reviews For Conclusion

2007.01.25 - 03:52AM
1: Ten

What a brilliant story!

2005.11.13 - 11:02AM
1: Ten

I think its kinda sad...he's still alone! But I never thought of it that way, either...nicely written.

2005.09.23 - 03:50PM
1: Ten

I didn't think of that, for a moment Rose really was his link to the Time Lords and to his past. That was very cute, I love it.

2005.08.12 - 10:53PM
1: Ten

Quite good. I'm new, and haven't read much stuff, but Doctor Who wise, it's good. Compared to the re runs here in Australia, it ranks about the same as Tomb of the Cybermen. A classic. Good in the First Person as well!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you.. wow.. I'm quite chuffed now.. =) -- Bellatrix

2005.07.05 - 01:36PM
1: Ten

I love it! Barcelona! The new Doctor has a catchphrase, and he has only said 12 words! Hello I... new teeth, that's weird... where was I? oh yes! Barcelona!

Author's Response: Hehe, yus.. I have to say David Tennant (apart from having the "phwoooar!!" factor) could shape up to be a most excellent Doctor.. I await eagerly. -- Bellatrix