2009.06.01 - 10:21AM
1: Chapter 1

Wow. To be honest, I never really liked the Year that Never Was plotline in canon. But you gave it an extra dimension that finally makes sense to me. Thanks so much!

Author's Response: I\'m glad it resonated for you. :) That\'s where most of what I\'m writing seems to come from--me pondering the things that didn\'t quite get onto the screen and filling in the blanks.

2009.05.27 - 01:04PM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful and very sad, because how do you come back from something lke that and still hold on to love. It takes more courage to do that than to die. *divahugs*

Author's Response: Thank you for the comments. :) And I like to think that, while it\'s sad, there\'s hope in it. We\'ll see if Jack tells me any more in the future.

2009.05.26 - 09:56PM
1: Chapter 1

Your insight into these characters is remarkable. The observation about Jack being a "baby" rings very true. He's still less than a quarter of the Doctor's age.

All of it is beautifully written, and the last line is so poignant.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so glad I hit that note in a way that\'s believable. :)

2009.05.26 - 07:50PM
1: Chapter 1

Great to see more from you! And this is so very true of the way Jack sees the Doctor:

Jack trusts the Doctor to be entirely himself: compassion, grief, cowardice, and all.

He, probably above all companions (except perhaps Sarah Jane) has no illusions about the Doctor, and loves him regardless. Very nice work!

Author's Response: Glad you like, and thank you for the review! I always love seeing just what lines and concepts people pick up out of a story. It tells me where I\'ve really hit something. :) I suspect I\'ll work more in this continuity at some point.

2009.05.26 - 06:42PM
1: Chapter 1

Very lovely exploration of how much Jack has grown through adversity, not just during that year but throughout his life.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2009.05.26 - 03:49PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, yes. Very lovely.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

2009.05.26 - 10:36AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh jeez. This is just heartbreakingly beautiful. I agree with you about the Year That Never Was, and the end of the Last of the Timelords (with the exception of that scene where the Doctor grieves over the Master's body) really did nothing to justify it to me. Thank goodness for fanfiction and for fabulous authors like yourself! (Plus, I just love me some bittersweet Jack/Ten.) Thank you for a lovely start to my week!

Author's Response: Thank you for the awesome compliment! Glad you enjoyed this!