2009.10.15 - 11:58AM
1: Chapter 1

You put it over here - so pleased to find it, still a favorite too. Thanks again for this fabulous Three and UNIT tale.

Author's Response: You\'re very welcome! And thank you for a wonderful prompt!

2009.06.07 - 10:40PM
1: Chapter 1

This was great fun to read. I was reminded of 'The Daemons', specifically the Master's black mass. He does love a good show.

Author's Response: Yes, the Master has a grand sense of theatre, it suits modern opera. Thank you so much!

2009.05.26 - 10:39PM
1: Chapter 1

Here via Calufrax and quite happy to be. This reads like an episode stolen straight out of season 8 (and I say that with the highest regard!) thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I have such fond memories of S8, I\'m glad I could capture it here.

2009.05.25 - 08:08PM
1: Chapter 1

S, A, TUR, DAY . . . oh, wait, sorry, Bay City Rollers moment, now where was I? Oh yes! Here via Calufrax, and this was great! I loved the perfect characterization, I loved the humor, and I loved the Master's operatic scheme! Yes, basically I just loved it all. Wonderful story.

Author's Response: *has tartan flashback* Thank you so much!

2009.05.24 - 02:37AM
1: Chapter 1

Yay! Thank you for posting this here! *favourites it*.

(I'm lost_spook on lj). :-D

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much! I found you on LJ, as you probably know.

2009.05.21 - 02:29AM
1: Chapter 1

This is a rousing adventure, faithful to the spirit of Three and a joy to read! Three has always been one of my favorite Doctors, and I've always liked Jo. You've written her as she really was - brave, quick thinking and quick on her feet. I love the idea of making an opera the Master's potential tool for world domination, and I think the way you wrote this one shows a love of music on your part.

One question, though, since I'm a bit hazy on the timeline; didn't Jo leave the Doctor well before the Bay City Rollers ever became popular? That question aside, I salute you, and I've favorited this story.

Author's Response: Eee. I guess, technically, it\'s a bit early for Rollermania to be in full force - that would be \'74, and this is technically set early in \'73. Maybe travel with the Doctor allowed Jo to see their timeless glory before everyone else? Either way, thank you for the review!