Reviews For Choice of Doom

2015.02.14 - 02:16PM
47: Choice TT

Ong, I died like 5 times before getting here. Though I could have known because I wasn't really taking it that seriously. It really liked it though and there are quite a lot of choices. And I just love Eight and Fitz together :)

2010.11.10 - 05:49AM
47: Choice TT

Awesome story! Love to read a sequel.

2010.01.18 - 05:34PM
47: Choice TT

Great fun! You did a nice job with all the possible plotlines. Managed to only get killed once along the way, too! And nice to see Eight and Fitz here. :)

2010.01.18 - 08:14AM
1: We Begin

i died so many times that the text justly growled with frustration at my gullibility (though i do think fitz could have put up a better show of distracting. what was he doing? distracting them by hiding behind a rock or pretending to be dead?! bloody fitz). anyway - i thought the story was excellent, and very constructed, and even though i died (a lot) i enjoyed it immensely.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it. I was remember reading the choose your own adventure stories in elementary and being just as frustrated. I found it so much more satisfying when I finally got it right :). Thanks for R&R!

2010.01.17 - 11:57PM
1: We Begin

Oh, this was absolutely brilliant. You did a marvelous job on it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2009.10.17 - 02:23AM
1: We Begin

I just went through this with my five-year-old. She loved it, all the choices, because in stories there often isn't a choice for the reader, the story is static.

At the end, though, she chose to go back to work! (She finds DW a bit too scary, but loves Fires of Pompeii.)

A very enjoyable couple of hours, we thank you!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it. I\'m working on the sequel, unfortunatly, due to the nature of the story, it is slow work and can only be posted all at once instead of a little at a time. But I\'m glad she loved it!

2009.06.25 - 11:44PM
18: Choice Q

Very entertaining. I'm going to go through it a few more times and see if I can make the best possible choices and save everyone. At least I didn't get killed this time!

2009.05.19 - 11:25PM
1: We Begin

Haven't played yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it. I did an aborted attempt at making one of these for Ten a few years ago so I know just how tricky those multiple plots can be to balance and give you the utmost respect for actually finishing!

2009.05.19 - 08:43PM
1: We Begin

Oh, that was fun, never done one before. I died early on but backtracked. Yes, I crossed my own timeline, lol!

2009.05.19 - 06:59AM
1: We Begin

I'm dead! I loved these things as a kid :)

2009.05.18 - 07:25PM
1: We Begin

Hi! It's me, again. Your reviewer from Love the story.