Reviews For Sometimes

2010.06.03 - 11:29PM
2: Coda

"Bittersweet" is an understatement. Gaaaah! This verges on desolation, horrific and empty, and reminds me of Jack's comment in TW that he doesn't sleep (and the image of him dreaming/remembering in season 1). I think you're right to leave it as a separate coda, for it really changes the tenor of "Sometimes." But it's powerful, wrenching ... and worth including like this.

Author's Response: Thank you. I don\'t get too many comments on this coda--many of us who read this OT3 don\'t like this much cannon in our \'ship. I like it both ways, which is probably why this went full circle on me, when I hadn\'t originally intended it to.

2010.06.03 - 11:25PM
1: Sometimes

Again, beautiful -- imagery, structure, the gentle, generous interplay of these three. Especially love that Rose dreams of the big bad wolf, with all the connotations that has for us as viewers of canon, the moment of salvation that also destroys what they have here.

2009.08.24 - 05:31AM
2: Coda

I really like how this coda brings things full circle. Yes, it's far more bittersweet, but one of the intriguing things about Jack is just how bittersweet things can be for him and yet he still keeps on.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2009.05.10 - 10:00PM
2: Coda

Very well done. I would agree with the separation though. Keep them separate.

Author's Response: Thank you! And I think I will--nobody seems to want me to put the pieces back together. :)

2009.05.10 - 02:16PM
2: Coda

Oh, yeah. So sad :( It definitely fits with the first vignette, but I'm glad you separated it out; I'm one who does like to have my Nine OT3 untouched by references to canon separation.

I really hope that you write more OT3 fic, as this is just lovely :)

2009.05.10 - 02:14PM
1: Sometimes

This is really beautiful :) I love the language and imagery here, and the way all three of them need comfort from each other. I'm just going to forget about the hints of future canon to come in the Rose snippet, and dwell on Jack and the Doctor comforting each other while Rose sleeps.

Author's Response: Thank you! Maybe I\'ll have to think about what this would be like if I took it out of canon. I\'m not wild on ending on the foreboding note, but somehow, I couldn\'t leave it out. It would make Rose less than she is.

2009.05.10 - 02:01PM
1: Sometimes

This is lovely! I hope you write more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m so delighted somebody said \"lovely.\" I thought, if I\'d really done it right, I might get \"lovely.\" :)

2009.05.10 - 10:30AM
1: Sometimes

Sometimes... canon is very, very unfair.

*sigh* These three were so good for each other, why couldn't they give them a little bit more time? It feels like they could have healed each other, in time, but instead were ripped from each other and left even worse wounds. Except for Nine, of course, who died. Instead we got an idiot boy with a pathological fear of long term relationships. (That's my explanation for Ten's appalling treatment of Jack, anyway. The only one on which the "you wither and die" excuse wouldn't work...)

Sorry, rambling.
Very beautifully written. Especially the part about Jack being battle-scarred enough himself to understand the Doctor's darkness in ways Rose never could. With the background added retroactively to the character in Torchwood's second season, that's even more true. Even though everybody seems to have forgotten about those two missing years.

Author's Response: Thank you! That\'s actually the bit that drove me to write this down, so I\'m glad to hear it struck a chord. :) And I agree--these characters had so much chemistry, and they got a lousy five episodes before somebody decided to take the show in a different direction. I\'d just finally forgiven Ten for being a coward, in the way you forgive people you love for their character flaws, when they sprang the last ten minutes of s4 on me. Now I\'m angry with him all over again.