2012.01.30 - 11:44AM
1: i make excellent chocolate cake

Aw, that was great - the stuff about time, but of course Six and Evelyn.

2009.05.07 - 11:50PM
1: i make excellent chocolate cake

I particularly liked this line: For reasons quite obvious when you think about his personality, the Doctor finds this blind shuffle of characteristics amusing, even if he is beginning to wonder why his eyes seem to be perpetually stuck on blue.

The last part of it, especially, made me lol. The whole story is very nice too (the world does need more Evelyn), though I'm quite terrified to know what happened to those poor cows... O.o

Author's Response: The Osirians were the \'cows\' actually..But I\'m terrified to know what happened, too.

2009.05.06 - 07:34PM
1: i make excellent chocolate cake

Thoroughly enjoyed!

Author's Response: Good! Thank you!