Reviews For So Real

2009.07.26 - 11:51AM
1: So Real

At first, I must admit, i was worried over this. I have seen many post JE Donna stories that are just ridiculous, however I've read a fair few of your pieces and decided it was worth the risk. And was it ever, this was really lovely. One question, is Donna going to the library intentionally a creepy quintessential tenth doctor moment? Cos it was brilliant, well done, thanks for uploading this here.

2009.04.28 - 09:03AM
1: So Real

That is lovely and a bit heartbreaking. Donna's other life struck me a particularly tragic, and I agree that would probably be the most difficult memory to fully bury. Nice job!

Author's Response: Thanks. \'Lovely and heartbreaking\' is a tremendous compliment! :)

2009.04.26 - 11:11PM
1: So Real

That was beautiful...I wanted there be another chapter...wanted Donna's story to unfold again!!

Author's Response: Thanks! There might be another chapter soonish. Stay tuned.