2009.06.29 - 10:12AM
11: Namesake

I really, really love this one. Still want it expanded somehow.

Author's Response: Heh. They\'re *not* in 1st C Palestine, I keep telling you. (Although, of course, one day they *could* be.) Here, you have that plot bunny. I\'ve got a whole farm full, mostly involving Leela.

2009.06.29 - 10:11AM
10: Left Luggage

'Brave heart' indeed. Aw.

Author's Response: Thanks. I\'m very impressed with you reading (and re-reading!) all of these.

2009.06.29 - 10:10AM
9: First Flight

Lovely. I wonder where they went first? Was it something random in the fleeing from authority or had they carefully planned it out long, long before?

Author's Response: *thinks* First Doctor? Carefully planned out? :lol: Serendipity, I feel. ;-)

2009.06.29 - 10:09AM
8: A Place Where They Shoot At You

Oh, poor Ian! How simply awful, to have to see that.

Author's Response: Now, this is the one I want to make into a proper ficlet. It argued with me all the way about being a drabble and I\'m still not sure it makes sense to people who aren\'t me. Thank you for reading it!

2009.06.29 - 10:08AM
7: What You See In Me

Thea was a terribly tragic figure, I thought, and her possession was rather frightening. Good piece.

Author's Response: Thanks. I\'d never seen this ep before. Result (as can be seen all about here), much, much obsession!!! Poor Thea.

2009.06.29 - 10:07AM
6: Into the Wardrobe

I half-expected Lucy or Peter to show up at first - but I really liked this. The ultimate chance to regress to playing dress-up.

Author's Response: Thank you. It was ClocketPatch who requested it for a meme, I forget which one. It worked out quite well. :-)

2009.06.29 - 10:05AM
5: Negotiations

ďWhatís more, I donít want my heart cut out now Iíve found a use for it.Ē
- perfect, yes!

I also completely concur with your observation to Grimley, that she liked having to rescue her men. It's so right.

Author's Response: Thank you! And, she does. If they know the big words *and* have a tendency to get tied up / injured / bashed over the head, she\'s more than happy. :lol:

2009.06.29 - 10:02AM
4: Conversation Overheard in a Gallifreyan Bar

So, what *did* he do? Fodder for more writing, perhaps?

Author's Response: Oh, yes, absolutely. *Eyes half-written story with a sigh* Although I think it defies explanation, personally.

2009.06.29 - 10:01AM
3: Green Custard Stains

I remember this one! And I'm still shaking my head over the Brig tasting it to see what it was - you'd think after being around the Doctor he'd know better. *snicker*

Author's Response: Yes, but it was his duty to calm the cook. Who said it was custard (and she should know). :-D

2009.06.29 - 10:00AM
2: Rainbow Drabble

Ha! Coming from over here, I immediately thought they'd stumbled into 'The Muppet Show'... not that it looks that different. Now *that* would be scary.

Author's Response: No. Rainbow. I was on a mission at the time, because people were claiming there were things you *couldn\'t* cross DW with. Couldn\'t have that sort of thing...

2009.06.29 - 09:58AM
1: That's the Life...

I love that opening bit - but hey, obviously honesty makes you eat healthy, hey? :-D

Author's Response: Not necessarily, but Mel, with a spaceship full of frozen fruit and veg? I don\'t think eating unhealthily is going to be an option.

2009.06.21 - 10:13PM
5: Negotiations

I have a mental image of Leela trying to "Toughen Andred up", by taking him outside the walls of the City/Panopticon, to have fun with the Shobogen, while Andred tries desperately to teach Leela the refinements of Gallifreyian society, without her, getting them both killed...

Author's Response: Oh, I don\'t think Leela like her men tough. She seems to prefer them to be somewhat in need of rescuing. Heh. But it\'s not going to be a boring relationship, let\'s say. :-D

2009.06.20 - 05:37PM
12: Comfort My Enemy

Oooo, interesting take.

Author's Response: Thanks. :-)

2009.06.14 - 09:18PM
4: Conversation Overheard in a Gallifreyan Bar

I was wondering that myself! Andred was hardly a candidate for animal magnetism, after all.

Author's Response: Mind you, compared to the other blokes Leela picks up... :lol:

2009.06.14 - 09:17PM
2: Rainbow Drabble

'Fraid I don't get the reference. Ah well, moving on to the next...

Author's Response: British children\'s pre-school show. It did have John Leeson and Roy Skelton in it at one point. I was just... being silly. :-) They had these three people who sang each week called Rod, Jane and Freddy.