Reviews For Mirror, Mirror

2011.05.30 - 10:21PM
43: And Smile, Smile, Smile

Really love this entire series; I keep it on my iPod so I can periodically reread it. Hope the plot bunny for this hasn't foresaken you yet, really curious to see how it ends!

Author's Response: There\'s Quite A LOT of the rest of \"Mirror, Mirror\" waiting patiently in the fic queue to be gotten to, but the Original-Fiction Muse showed up and I must bow to her will when she\'s in town... (It\'s a matter of, yes, I still have this plotbunny, but there is a MUCH BIGGER BUNNY in the room with it demanding to be fed first...)

2010.12.16 - 11:39PM
1: A Glass, Darkly

And another thing we owe them is more than rhetoric and a frigging ribbon on your car.

2010.12.16 - 03:01PM
43: And Smile, Smile, Smile

You have some idea why I haven't commented until now. But truth is, this one made me cry. Maybe not so much for who you wanted me to feel bad for (though I did), but for every one of those graves in particular, because the nearest thing to the complete senselessness of THAT war in modern history is the one in Iraq. I cry for the graves, but I cry more for the survivors--all of the physical and mental problems, one of which is my youngest son, who just got back from the Army after two tours as a combat medic. SO, yah, I've seen, up close and personal what some of the results have been. Those results are bad enough in a war that you could argue needed to be fought (the first Iraq war IMO) but for such a COMPLETELY needless bunch of crap, like WWI and Iraq? Yeah. I cried.

Author's Response: We owe these kids ( god, I\'m getting old) big time, and one of the things we owe them is that if we\'re going to ask these sacrifices of them, we need to be DAMN sure that we\'re not asking lightly, or from suspect motives. And so many wars don\'t rise to that standard... {sigh}

2010.12.06 - 07:35PM
43: And Smile, Smile, Smile

Dammit, you made me all sniffly. And from alt-Gwen's PoV!

Author's Response: She does have her moments...

2010.11.11 - 02:46PM
42: And Baby When It's Love If It's Not Rough It Isn't Fun

I saw a lot of the potential in this story when you started it, and scar-comparing was one of them, but really you make it so much fun.

Not that I am still ready to dive under my chair any second because I really really smell trouble coming.

Author's Response: *innocent look...* :)

2010.08.27 - 09:32AM
40: What A Drag It Is Getting Old

I see every one of the B-side guys as truly unhappy. Even Tosh. I get the feeling that her relationship with Ianto is...well, not cold exactly, but a little too utilitarian to be much comfort.

Oh, and if you don't let Owen and the kid stay and be a "twin brother" and find a little happiness I may have to come and hunt your muse down. Just saying.

Author's Response: Tosh-B has a relationship with Ianto-B...? >;)

2010.08.08 - 10:30PM
1: A Glass, Darkly

I'm completely loving this story & I am trying to catch up w/ the previous YM&O stories. I also have a question - have you written the story where Ianto loses his eye?


Author's Response: Not as such -- this is the first appearance of the alternate-universe Torchwood, so at present we\'re only going to see their backstory as it enters into the storyline of \"Mirror, Mirror\". (It happened during the alt\'s version of \"Countrycide\", as near as I can make out...) Dunno if Muse might decide to write it up properly someday, though... >;)

2010.08.07 - 07:52AM
41: Yoiks And Away!

...I love your 'ordinary eccentric' cheese nutter.

(And am also getting suspicious, on the scale of windturbines and sewage plants)

Author's Response: Because it\'s important in all this insanity not to lose sight of the small everyday weirdoes... ;)

2010.08.06 - 06:04PM
41: Yoiks And Away!

I've been reading you for some time now, and I have learned to distrust you when you do chapters like this. I smell Trouble.

Author's Response: Muse went to the \"It\'s Quiet... TOO Quiet\" School of Creative Writing, yes... >;)

2010.08.01 - 12:00PM
40: What A Drag It Is Getting Old

So from the sound of things, Alt-Owen didn't come down with a case of 'I was dead but now I'm better'?

Author's Response: The alternate branched off for good when Jack didn\'t come back from wherever he took off to at the end of \"End of Days\", so basically nothing relating to season two would have happened for the B-siders; they\'ve just been fending for themselves (badly) from that last camera-pan on, whereas the host-universe team got a little farther into something resembling s2 Canon before THEY diverged from it. But looking on the bright side, if what actually went differently was that alt!Jack was a little quicker running to the TARDIS and made it inside, then that means no trip to 300trillion, and no year that never was mess, either... not that that\'s much consolation, the way things seem to have gone for them anyway.

2010.07.10 - 09:20PM
39: That Dream Within A Dream


(Or: It's an update and it features Andy and mild family politics instead of Torchwood ones despire how indistinguishable the two sometimes are and d'awwww, my teeth just melted. :P)

Author's Response: The two forms of politics are certainly co-morbid, yup... ;)

2010.07.08 - 06:36PM
39: That Dream Within A Dream

Yay!! It's backi!

I repeat, I want Owen and Jr. to stay here. They deserve better than they have. And Jr. seems to be brilliant.

Author's Response: And now I have to go catch up on the other serial that\'s not been updated in LONGER... {sigh}

2010.06.10 - 07:58AM
38: Trevor Kendall's Cat


That's evil. You end the chapter like that and stop updating. ;)

Guess I should be glad there're so many side-stories left for me to read. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, that was an Unintentionally Extended Cliffhanger Of DOOM there, sorry -- couple more days left to meet a deadline for the Big Bang fic that scrambled my writing schedule, and then I can get back to working on this storyline and \"Number One With A Silver Bullet\"...

2010.06.10 - 07:46AM
34: Am I Not Merciful?

Aw, and I've been sooooo looking forward to the "others" finding out that some of the kids have... let's say "unconventional" mommies. ;) Though I get that this was not the moment to break that particular news...

*hugs poor Ianto*

Oh, and shouldn't someone notice that not all the kids are even human? That would make for an interesting conversation. ;)

Author's Response: Yup, that\'s another bridge to burn when they get to it, I bet... ;)

2010.06.10 - 07:27AM
29: But I Won't Cry For Yesterday

Duck universe rocks. :) And the Doctor getting all "look what I've done, look what I've done!" with the other kids is too cute for words. ;)

And I love how you're jumping from cracky hilarity to completely messed up and serious. Makes my head spin, but I love it anyway.

But let me tell you that the "other" Torchwood team is beginning to piss me off. I get that you made their reality just about as crappy as it gets, sort of "it could have gone so much worse than in canon" scenario. I just can't stand the way they whinge about it and act as if they were mad for the "proper" Torchwood for daring to have gotten a better deal. Yeah, it sucks to be them, royally, but sometimes I just want to shake them and ask what bizarro logic makes them blame the "happy versions" of themselves for being that way. The way I see it, many of the differences between the teams are due to something random, just things going a bit differently, and for that you can't really blame anyone. But the rest is their choices. Their lives are different, because they chose differently. And yeah, it sucks to see what might have been and realize you made a wrong choice that you can't take back, but for Pete's sake, they should finally stop sulking! Especially Gwen Harper. God, I've wanted to slap that woman silly at least half a dozen times already...

Author's Response: Well, to be fair, they\'re under a lot of additional stress right now, ON TOP of what appears to be an intolerable baseline level to begin with... and we don\'t know yet what they might have to blame themselves for RE their own lives going as badly as they have... or who. >;)