2012.09.22 - 06:31PM
1: Varitation on a Theme

That was amazing. Totally in-character for both Fitz and the Doctor.

This is definitely going into my personal canon, and I'll never look at the 9th Doctor's jacket without thinking of this piece.

2009.04.17 - 11:28AM
1: Varitation on a Theme

Don't know that much about Fitz or the eighth Doctor but this and other stories are peaking my interest. How can I get a hold of some of the Eighth Doctor novels? I live in the States (Maryland) so finding them here is next to impossible.

Author's Response: I also live in the States. I have gotten all of mine off amazon.com. You can get most of them fairly cheap, though there are a few that it is almost impossible to find at a reasonable price and for those I go to http://www.drwhoguide.com/books.htm for really good synopsis.