Reviews For Part-Time Lover

2009.04.14 - 01:26PM
1: Part-Time Lover

hmm Ianto and Andy, i never thought of that before. Yknow cos Andy fancies gwen.

One question...What about jack? were does he fit in this equatuion??

Author's Response: Ianto and Andy\'s a pretty odd pairing. But they\'ve a little fanbase on LJ. This could be when Jack\'s on the Valiant, or maybe Jack and Ianto have split up. Whatever you like. Maybe he joins in! Thanks for reading and reviewing. xx

2009.04.14 - 12:00PM
1: Part-Time Lover

Very good... and I am soooo not a Ianto/Andy person... not really a fan of Andy. (dont ask me why i decided to read it.. just kind of looked interesting and it was short)
I do admit I kind of skimmed the details beacuse I'm not a big fan, but I really loved the idea. It works and is very much within the realms of Ianto's character.

Author's Response: Ianto does have that hidden side I think. I never liked Andy until I read stuff about him; I always thought he was a bit annoying, always hanging around. But thanks for reading (and reviewing!) it anyway. xx