2017.01.31 - 06:20PM
1: Chapter 1

Wow, another wonderful story. Great plot and fantastic characters! Loved every word. Couldn't put it down!

2009.08.20 - 04:47PM
36: Chapter 36

definitely a win-win situation...you write them so good together.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

2009.04.25 - 12:23AM
36: Chapter 36

I like the ending, but not Jack gloating. I can't help thinking again, how long and how muhch can society let someone suffer before "we" become "them"?

Shame on Gwen for watching!

Author's Response: Dear God! I haven\'t logged in here in ages! Thank you for all your comments, and for taking the time to read :) I really do appreciate it, even if I am a slooooow responder....

2009.04.25 - 12:12AM
35: Chapter 35

I feel so bad for Jack. He tried so hard to save Samuel. If Sandra was the last one, maybe they should just have let him have at her, but I suppose, every time he perceived someone hurting Jack, he would attack them like he did Ianto. Can't have that, not the way Torchwood rows sometimes.

2009.04.25 - 12:03AM
34: Chapter 34

I am cheering for Jack now, for standing up to the witch!

2009.04.24 - 01:56AM
29: Chapter 29

I'm feeling rather smug for seeing what's coming. No doubt Ianto will recover, and so will Jack, but what of Samuel, and where are Martha and Sandra?

2009.04.24 - 01:45AM
28: Chapter 28

So, I was right. Jack was being self-destructive, just not in the way I had imagined.

I was right about the Chimera, too. Somehow I doubt that Martha will be harmed, but I am worried about Samuel.

Uh-oh! And now that Jack and Ianto have fought, what will Samuel try to do to Ianto??

2009.04.24 - 01:35AM
27: Chapter 27

Egads! I'm just dying to know what Jack is up to. I keep thinking he is doing something self-destructive, but now you have me wondering. I do hope Ianto finds him and they make up, and I do hope Jack gets the help he needs. What's up with Samuel?

2009.04.24 - 01:26AM
26: Chapter 26


Is Samuel coming for Jack?

2009.04.24 - 01:17AM
25: Chapter 25

Samuel is not escaping. He's after Sandra. That's what I think.

2009.04.24 - 01:08AM
24: Chapter 24

Surely Samuel could get out of UNIT. Is he waiting for Sandra? Waiting to get to her? What will Martha be able to do for him? Besides being huge and strong and alien, he seems rather like a mentally challenged child. They shouldn't keep him locked up for ever for that. What about Flat Holm? Couldn't he go there?

Mickey and the bananas. That was cute.

Straight-laced Ianto Jones getting naughty in the back of a taxi?! What is the world coming to?!?!

2009.04.24 - 12:56AM
23: Chapter 23

The skin...is it like a chameleon, capable of blending in?

Ohh, that was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Jack's big, ugly guardian angel. The simple logic that motivated his killing spree makes it simultaneously horrifying and perfectly reasonable, and all the more appreciated because it was on Jack's behalf.

2009.04.24 - 12:37AM
22: Chapter 22

Now I feel sorry for the Colonel. Jack practically has more authority on his patch than he does. Poor man. How does one resist a force of nature???

2009.04.24 - 12:28AM
21: Chapter 21

I was right about the chimera. It cares for Jack. Will he go back and rescue it?

Wondering how Ianto vanished? Is it capable of cloaking? Teleportation?

Very interesting mystery you have created.

2009.04.24 - 12:19AM
20: Chapter 20

Somehow I don't think the Thing's interest in Jack is as malevolent as Sandra makes it seem. Her description of it's behavior when it was in UNIT Black sounds a lot like empathy. Even if they tried to program it to . . . I want to say 'kill him' but we know he can't die, so maybe take him back to UNIT Black or something equally awful, they clearly haven't been entirely successful. It doesn't want to harm him and it has been keeping its distance for the most part.

Poor Ianto! It's not like him to lose his cool that way. Honestly, though, you explained it well. It wasn't just he comments about his relationship with Jack that set him off, it was how indifferent she was to everything.

And again, Jack looking after his friends. SOOOO happy to see him getting his strength back, physically and emotionally.