Reviews For Mortek

2010.04.14 - 05:22PM
3: Chapter 3

Oh man, I'm loving it! It's strange, funny, fast-paced and slightly absurd in just the right way. ;) Right now I can't decide whether your OCs are complete nutters or really onto something nasty, but I love them either way. ;) And you must be a bit psychic, since your Eleven is actually pretty close to canon so far. Well, when he's conscious, I mean.

Anyway, I'm off to read more, just wanted to share the squee.

2010.04.05 - 09:20AM
1: Chapter 1

Just to say, you've been recced on Calufrax. Here's the link:

My review is enclosed ;-)

2010.02.05 - 04:45AM
33: Chapter 33

*Le Gasp!*

Bombs, you say??!!! That's certainly not good :/

Nice update! I love how the resident baddies are fans of Eastenders! It just works! :D

More up soon, I hope?! This story is fab!

Mogwai x X x

2010.01.18 - 02:26PM
31: Chapter 31

Wow, I love this story :D

The characters are so easy to get along with! And I love your interpretation of 11!

*Is eagerly anticipating an update ...*

Blessed Be,
Mogwai x X x

2010.01.11 - 01:38PM
30: Chapter 30

yay! i'm back and have two chappies to read! sorry it's been so long :( haven't been on this site for a month! don't worry, though! i'm here now!

very happy making chapters and they fulfill my need for 11 fic right now XD *drools in memory*

can't... wait... series... 5... *dies in anticipation*

c ya!

2009.12.09 - 03:07PM
28: Chapter 28

ooh! what'd they see? glad for an update! i'm not gonna be on for a month, maybe more, so don't be worried if i don't review! i just haven't seen a chapter, i still care :)

love your story! Nova out ^^

2009.12.06 - 10:56AM
28: Chapter 28

Yayness! Finally another update. I'd almost given up on you ... Great story, though. Please continue!

2009.11.17 - 03:55PM
27: Chapter 27

the a/n made me lose it XD

excellent chapter! i can see you must have had fun writing it! it's nice when you can see that in a writers work :) it adds character and enjoyment in reading it!

thanks for being faithful in continuing this, despite lack of enthusiasm on others parts *glares at people who read and don't review*

love, Nova ^^

2009.11.12 - 02:49PM
26: Chapter 26

ah ha! Patel is the mole! was wondering when he'd show up...

yay for an update!!! is absolutely fantabulous and awesometastic XD

please keep going! i wanna know what the Island of Mull is!!!

2009.11.03 - 03:04PM
25: Chapter 25

nooooooooooooooo!!!!! NOT HAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE HERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

XD very very excited to see an update my dear! can't wait!!!

2009.10.25 - 03:18PM
24: Chapter 24

*screams in joy*

*screams some more*

*screams till out of breath then takes another breath and continue screaming*

YOU UPDATED!!! I was getting worried sweetheart! i thought the lack of reviews was discouraging you :( *shakes fist at stupid people who don't review*

so glad new stuff is up! and i understand why you're posting slower- JUST AS LONG AS YOU KEEP POSTING!

much love, Nova out ^^

2009.10.05 - 08:57PM
1: Chapter 1

happy happy happy! that's what i am right now! i didn't have internet for a while, but when i came back i found a new chappie ^^ can't wait for more my love!

2009.09.16 - 06:03PM
22: Chapter 22

Nice to see some Eleventh Doctor fiction and this story has been very interesting to read over the last few chapters.

2009.09.10 - 05:57PM
21: Chapter 21

i'm screaming in joy. no, really, you just can't hear me, that's all. but i am. i'm really excited. believe me.



2009.09.07 - 06:37PM
20: Chapter 20

ewwwww! very original and unexpected!

happiness update XD

more please!