Reviews For In Dreams

2007.04.06 - 06:02PM
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Oh, I love Rose beginning to remember Satellite Five - and with Freud and Jung! Bonus! Glad he told her, too.

This is perfectly Jack and the Doctor:
"You've changed, Doctor." Jack smiled and stepped towards him.

"It's a habit. I can't help it," the Doctor answered.

"Do I get a hug?" Jack asked, cheekily.

"You haven't bought me a drink yet." The Doctor grinned.

2005.09.13 - 08:34PM
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Sweet. I can't wait for the new season!

2005.07.11 - 04:41PM
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Oh, that was fun. The psychiatrists were priceless, and so was the Doctor's sudden interest in chocolate cake. I did think the story could have done with a bit of a Britpick, though.

2005.07.10 - 08:28AM
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Good story, slightly confusing, but considering I haven't seen past episode 8 that's not suprising. Enjoyed it though. Thanx.