Reviews For Tea for Two

2009.05.31 - 05:45AM
2: The Eye of Orion

That was a sweet story. I like the second Doctor and Donna so i think they make a good team.

2009.04.01 - 07:02PM
2: The Eye of Orion

Aw, cute story, that was, although I'm sad to see it end! Everyone should have wonderful adventures with the Second Doctor, even if all they do is learn to play the recorder, yes indeed...

2009.04.01 - 06:25PM
2: The Eye of Orion

She's a smart one, our Donna! Learning the phone number was classic Who! Great idea. Really enjoyed this, and the fun Donna delivery. Nice job.

2009.04.01 - 10:04AM

Love this! I don't read much with #2 in it, but I've always loved him. Pairing him with Donna is brilliant. Can't wait for chap.2 to be released by the mods. Nice work!

2009.04.01 - 01:41AM

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! *grins* Hm, if Two is with Donna in Ten's Tardis, does that mean Ten is back in Two's Tardis with Jamie? *lives in hope*

2009.03.31 - 08:30PM

Ah, this, I adore. (Save the random bashing of a past president by some temp from Chiswick--I mean, I'm not going off on Tony Blair or whatever, now am I?) Anyway, besides that, lovely. Two has definitely met his match in Donna and I look forward to more!

Author's Response: My apologies. No offence intended. You may notice there\'s been a slight rewrite to the chapter.