2012.11.27 - 07:54AM
6: Relics

The opera-loving; frock-coat-wearing; tea-obsessed; time-stopping; mind-reading man.

He most certainly is! And you got Eight's voice down just so. He's my favourite Doctor, so I was particularly thrilled with this lovely chapter because you brought out all of the things that I love about him. Jelly babies, tea and crumpets - always a winning combination!

Love this story, am re-reading it for the umpeenth time but have only just gotten around to commenting now, sorry. Has been a favourite of mine forever, so thanks for writing so well and for sharing with us :)

2010.07.18 - 10:51AM
11: Memento mori

Wow. The only times I stopped laughing hysterically were the times that I sort of wanted to cry hysterically. Great fic, and truly superb ending.

2009.10.28 - 09:24AM
11: Memento mori

this is the best doctor who fic i have ever read, it makes me want to watch the old series as i never grew up with doctor who sadly :( the last seen of rose having a piece of the doctor as a parting gift was beautiful! extremely well written, made me want to cry!

2008.08.27 - 03:56PM
11: Memento mori

OMG that was absolutly beautiful. You had me in tears by the end. To think that even though the Doctor died in the future Rose had his essence with her iin the past. Well if you could cal it his essesnce anyway.

That was wonderfully written, incredably thought through and brilliantly funny. I loved it, thanks!

2008.08.27 - 03:46PM
10: Secrets

There's more? It can't get better, surely....

2008.08.27 - 03:39PM
9: Glimmer

This story, you writing it, are so clever! Seriously, the way you've thought it all through and have even tied it into the bad wolf! Brilliant!

2008.08.27 - 03:34PM
8: Mortality

Aww, thats heart breaking! Imagining the Doctor dying like that. I've always imagined that it'd be a self sacrificing death to save the universe... but alone? Frozen? That's heart breaking to think. But still, at least he had Rose. *sniff*

2008.08.27 - 02:16PM
4: Mist

lol, this is very fun! Poor Rose, she must be very confused. I know I am....well slightly, but it's all part of the fun.

2008.08.27 - 02:10PM
3: Gone

lol, they're so in character it's scary! I love how the Doctor explained everything, it all sounded crazy enough that it just might make sense. And I love how you described the rooms morphing from one to the other, not to mention her bumbing into the tenth Doctor. :)

2008.08.27 - 01:29PM
1: Spark

Brilliant!... Or should I say Fan-tas-tic! I love it already. Al three of them are perfectly in character!

2008.07.24 - 09:20PM
7: Ghost

"Visions of gelatinous alien offspring danced in his head."

I laughed for five minutes at this one. You have a way with light humor.

2008.07.24 - 07:54AM
11: Memento mori

I loved this story. It was very clever. I love how she got to his other selves and some of his old companions. That she was with him as he died was just lovely. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

2008.07.23 - 10:33AM
11: Memento mori

Brill story, very clever. xx

2008.07.07 - 10:43PM
11: Memento mori

What a brilliant fic. One of the smartest I have read in this fandom. Definitely a favourite. You've got all their voices (especially Nine's) down. Great stuff.

2008.06.18 - 05:54PM
11: Memento mori

Very well done, incredably well written and a great idea to boot.

*Despratly hopes no ones reccy's this before her turn*